Friday, October 30, 2009


You know what's the best thing about having a daughter? You can dress her up and play with her hair. (only while she's little) Ha ha. When my girl was younger, in kindergarten, I would make her hair accessories. I had no real idea how to make them but they usually turned out okay. My sewing skills were quite poor in those days. I practically handsewed everything. Now she's 10 and doesn't let me play with her hair anymore but continues to accept my gifts of hair accessories.

Recently I made a bunch of these scrunchies. Scrunchies munchies. (I just like saying it) I used some of the fabric my sister, Erica gave me not long ago.

These are made using Japanese polyester. They are slinky and rather thin. Surely they are hard to sew. Surprisingly it was smooth sailing. You could use any fabric to make scrunchies but I prefer slinky fabric as they scrunch better and the shine/glitter of the patterns make a great combination. For the elastic, I used Clover cord elastic. It glides better on the hair than the elastic strip.

These 2 are my personal favourite. The colours are so rich and vibrant.

Unfortunately, my girl is not a scrunchie person. I'm afraid I'm going to have to try and sell them instead at my coming craft sale.


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