Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Hair Clips And Some Self-Pity

In case you're wondering if I've gone off bags, I haven't. Once in a while, I like to cheat on my bags and have an affair or two with hair accessories. But still staying true, I only use fabric. Hur hur.

These are metal hair clips which I cover with fabric. Don't they look nice? It's all handsewn. And if you're thinking of running out and getting a bunch of metal hair clips and start covering with fabric and selling them and making a fortune, don't. It's hard work and time consuming and not worth the trouble commercially. But making it for yourself is doable.

Today I'm also in a self-pity mood. I've been on medication for 2 years for my myofascial pain. Sure it lets me lead a normal life but I feel sleepy all the time and this morning I felt it the most and I stopped fighting it and took a nap. When I woke up, I felt miserable. What a terrible way to live. To be sleepy all the time. Of course it's better than feeling pain. Next Jan, I'm doing my 2nd attempt to get off the meds. My 1st attempt was a complete disaster and it took me a whole year to recover. This time, I'm better prepared. The stupid thing is, when I'm off the meds, I can't sleep. I r o n y.

Oh, this weekend, I'm selling at the red dot design museum. I hope my sales improve.


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