Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Cowardly Baldie

I'm suffering from pleated bag fatigue. So I have temporarily refrained from sewing or even looking at pleats. I've turned my attention to slouchy bags.

This bag is extremely easy to make. Mainly it comprises of rectangles and a couple of curves. It is the handle which is more of a challenge. Because I make the strap adjustable, it has to be very long. Turning it right side out is a lot of work. This time I asked my husband to do it. I'm only sorry I forgot to take photos of his face while he's at it. I think he'd rather climb Mt Everest.

For this bag, I use a Robert Allen fabric. How I scored this fabric is a story worth telling. I was at a fabric store when I noticed a Robert Allen print nicely wrapped up. On it was written the price per metre. I approached a cutter and asked if the fabric was sold by the metre. The male cutter, let's call him Baldie studied the wrapped fabric and told me yes. Then he proceeded to unwrap it and cut off 1 metre's worth for me. I was paying the cashier when she looked closely at the fabric and started yelling at me at the top of her voice. She informed or yelled that the fabric is only sold by the bolt which was over a hundred dollars. She went on and on. Surprisingly I wasn't angry. I just wondered at which point Baldie who was just behind the cashier would come to my rescue. The coward! Finally when I had a chance to speak, I pointed at Baldie and explained he said I could buy by the metre. Baldie received a round of blah blah from the cashier which for me was round 2. I wondered at which point the cashier would realise I was a customer. Finally she did and apologised.

Anyway, whoever buys this bag is one lucky lady!
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Unknown said...

OMG, that was a funny read, thanks for sharing!

jane p said...

Hi Dayhomemama, fyi, Baldie still works at the fabric store. Just saw him yesterday.

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