Monday, November 9, 2009

I Rocked

This post is going to be very long. So run for the hills or get a cup of tea or coffee or whisky or whatever you need to get thru my rambling.

Still too early in the morning to crack a smile!

Over the weekend I had my bag sale at the red dot design museum and business was slow on the first day but it ended well on Sunday. I exaggerate. I didn't exactly rock. I mean I didn't sell everything! I sold 11 bags and 2 accessories. Yay! I'm swaggering all the way to the bank.

I won't show you all the bags I sold mainly because I already spent some time looking for the photos and got too lazy to carry on. My filing system needs to be reorganized.

But I'll show you the ones I'm most happy with.

The guitar skulls and bones bag. Remember I had much criticism from my husband for the applique? Well, who's the man (woman) now? Hurhurhur

This is a new brown canvas with applique bag which I haven't posted. It is similar in shape and fabric to my first diaper bag which I made for a customer (will have a posting on my diaper bag soon). I wish I have enough fabric to make another bag for myself. It's really cool. This bag and the guitar bag were sold to 1 young hip girl.

I don't know what it's like for other bag makers but I treat each bag like my baby. With every bag I make, l learn something different about fabric, patterns or sewing. I also learn something about myself in the process. So when I sell my bags, particularly the ones which I had invested a lot of time and effort, I feel the sale has to be more than just a sale transaction. How do I put this in a way that doesn't make me sound vain? Oh, I can't. It is nice to be paid for my work. That's without a doubt. But I want to know my efforts have not gone unnoticed. Hope you all aren't rolling your eyes. So when this lady who had previously bought 2 bags from me bought my black and white quilted bag, I was overjoyed because she noticed the details. It's all about the details!

One lady bought 5 bags from me. You heard it right. I nearly fainted. These are 3 of the 5 bags she bought. This green white butterflies-Japanese print was made a few months ago and I had listed it on Etsy. It's really elegant and inexpensive yet no takers. The lady told me she liked it so much she's refusing to put it down. Maybe it doesn't photograph well?

My husband really liked this rainbow quilted flower garden bag but there was little interest in it until this 5-bag lady. And she noticed the hand stitching!

This last bag was the star. It's so simple yet many people liked it. The canvas is terribly expensive though.
 On Saturday, I got a little bored because the crowd was thin and I amused myself by using the self-timer to take pictures of myself. It kept me from falling asleep.

On Sunday a young Yunan (China) girl selling handmade stuffed toys at the museum noticed that I used hand stitches on my bags and being a fan of handmade stuff, she gave me a beautiful tie-dyed scarf she handmade herself using natural plants for the coloring. Don't I look good in it? Hurhurhur. (this is my official new laugh-at-self laugh)

 My dear friend, Sweetie-Pie whom I had not seen for a couple of years dropped by. I'm not showing all of her face because she's shy. She looks the same as before - not a day older. Still so gorgeous and sexy. I really enjoyed her visit. We laughed loudly like the popular crowd in school. As usual I laughed until tears flew everywhere. Ok, maybe some saliva there as well. Hurhurhur.

I'm giving myself a break for 2 days before I start sewing for my December Christmas sale. It's going to be a different MAAD in Dec seeing how another baazar will also be taking place inside the museum. Time to make some dazzling bags Jane!

Take care.


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