Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Wind On My Face

These are my latest hair accessories. Yes, I'm still having my little flings. My girl loves these fabric button hair elastics.

In case you're wondering, the fabric buttons are made using the tools above. You just wrap the fabric around the button and hammer the casing in. I didn't like the tool I have for these batch of fabric buttons because the fat tube is too deep. That makes it hard to tame the fabric to stay. Don't the manufacturers know what they're doing?

Another tool which I find really useful is the plastic full of circular holes. These are used to draw circles and it helps you to find the perfect place to place your circle. Mine is by Saintograph and it's inexpensive.

Btw, those of you who have become my "followers": you haven't escaped my notice. Today the number stands at 29. What a nice number. I'm secretly over the moon. Ok, not a secret anymore. Just so you know, I do check out your blogs. If I don't understand the language, I just admire the pics. And a big thank you for "following". Big hug.

Yesterday I went to visit my doc to discuss strategies for getting off my meds and after waiting for hours, (luckily i had john grisham's 'the innocent man') i entered room 5 to see a strange lady. It turned out my regular doc had gone to attend a course and this was a stand-in. I almost went insane. A billion dollar hospital and they couldn't schedule me with the right doc. I had waited so long, I might as well go with this new lady. She wanted me to do "Imagery".  Yes, my reaction is exactly the same as yours. What!

It seems "imagery" goes like this. She closed her eyes. I'm serious! This is what she said:
"Oh, I'm walking down a path. I can feel the wind blowing on my face. I feel the rustle of the leaves. I touch the..."
She opens her eyes and sees I'm sceptical.
"Ok, we can do seaside. I'm walking down a path. I can feel the wind blowing on my face. I feel the sand..."
Here's where I interrupted her. Can I not do outdoor scenes. Too hot.
"Sure." I can see she's regretting getting me.
"What would you like to imagine yourself doing?"
I suggested sewing bags.
She's game.
"I'm in an air-con room. I can feel the wind blowing on my face. I pick up the needle and I sew and I sew. (her eyes are closed and she's moving her hands as if she's sewing)
At this point I'm trying so hard not to burst into tears from laughter. Those of you who know me might recall I'm the kind who laughs until tears roll down everywhere.

Dr Imagery suggests I go back soon to practice imagery with her. I politely declined.

Today I woke up and I feel a little ashamed of myself for snubbing Dr Imagery. Today is also Pilates day which means a body full of aches. Pilates is exhausting! So I've decided to give Imagery a 2nd chance and see if it makes me relaxed.

Here goes.

I'm in my study. It's air-conditioned. (my eyes are closed) I feel the wind blowing on my face. I'm lying on a laZboy in front of my TV. Nice. Law and order is on. Chris Noth, Jesse L Martin and Benjamin Bratt are investigating a case. They follow a lead and they come to my booth at the red dot design museum. Ooh. I can feel the wind getting stronger, beating on my face. Chris, Jesse and Ben bend towards me (they're very tall) and said, "We would love to buy your bags."

It works!  I feel totally relaxed already. Wind on my face indeed.


esther said...

Diaso sells these fabric button equipment quite cheaply and its super easy to fix! u may want to check it out :)

jane p said...

hi esther. i see u are from singapore. how nice! and thanks for the tip-off. i'll definitely get Diaso's $2 buttons.

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