Sunday, November 22, 2009

Daze Of My Life

Yesterday I had 2 encounters with taxis which left me a little shaken.

Daze 1:
While trying to hail a taxi to get to SMU, I crossed a road without even looking and there were vehicles coming from both directions. It's a miracle I wasn't hit. My husband was right behind me and of course he gave me a lecture.

Daze 2:
After leaving SMU, I waited at the curb to get a taxi and another taxi meant for someone else drove past me and suddenly swerved too sharply and it ran over my luggage! It was so loud I thought it ran over my foot. But I was unharmed.

Why am I getting distracted and careless? I really must stay more alert. Meanwhile I'm sticking to train.

Selling at SMU yesterday was tough. I sold 6 items. So, not a big success. It's a different market. The shoppers are mainly students. If you remember, students are exactly my biggest customers. I didn't count the total number of booths. But it was a lot.

This is Adeline, Eunice's stand-in

It was fun sharing a table with I met Eunice when she first sold her accessories at red dot design museum. She has very nice jewellery and feather-hair accessories. Check her out. She ships internationally too. Eunice was busy so she sent her friend, Adeline. I had a nice time with her!


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