Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Earth Calling...

I'm on a roll. I've made another pleated shoulder bag and I'm still not sick of it. This might not be obvious from the photos I show. But for this batch of pleated shoulder bags, I made a change to the bottom of the bag to make it sexier. Yes, sexier.

I had fun with this one. Firstly, I had saved this Lecien print for a long time. It is another linen-cotton blend. For those who aren't familiar with linen-cotton, the cotton in linen makes the fabric easier to manipulate. At least I think so.

Nezt, I had bought a whole bunch of fleece. Not just any fleece. Pink-Purple fleece. Yes, I got sucked into the pink-purple fleece hype all the rage here. :)

Put the 2 together and I felt I had a winner.

This is a bag any high-class madam would be proud to own!

Go to myEtsy or for more pics.


Anonymous said...

If I buy your bag, will it make my my bottom sexier? :] hehe

How come you never give me loyalty card? Afterall, I bought 2-3 bags from you - that makes me a royal loyal customer.

Mandy - the feather diva!

jane p said...

Hello Mandy!
It will make u look taller too! A royal loyalty card is coming your way. It comes with complimentary hugs and kisses. (air ones)
Muah muah

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