Friday, November 20, 2009

Check Mate

Remember the pleated bags I made some time ago? I love the look so much I decided to make another one using the same beige and white checkered Lecien linen/cotton blend. I love the way it turned out that I'm thinking of keeping it for myself. But I may not have enough bags to sell at December MAAD so if no one buys it....

This pleated bag may look structurally simple but it's not easy to construct. There are so many different pieces to seam together. Plus there's an external zip. But I think it's worth the effort.
Now listed on Etsy and

This Saturday  I'm selling my bags at SMU. Details are in the poster above. This is my first time selling here and I'm sharing a table with a friend. It's going to be tough selling here as there are many stalls. I'm going to have to compete on price as well. We'll see. I'm taking the opportunity to sell my smaller items. Check back and see how I did. Have a good weekend.


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