Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I Think I Over-Pleated!

Having recovered from my pleat phobia, I dived back into the pleating scene once again. I was really excited to use my green white stripes uphostery weight cotton fabric. Once I had this skirt which had very large pleats with very large bands and very short and I thought I looked really good it it, a bit like a kilt except the pleats are in front and back as well. So of course I wanted to make a bag of that skirt. Now this is something I thought I would never say. But I think I over-pleated!

The problem is when the pleats are too deep, the flare becomes too wide and the band is unable to support curvature. Am I making sense? Also if I had made the bag longer, it wouldn't have looked so weird.
Trying to use up my pink-purple fleece!

Also, when my husband looked inside and saw I had used my pink-purple fleece, he screamed. In horror. I ask for an Apple computer and he doesn't blink an eye. But put pink-purple with green and he screams. Now you know where his priorities are.

After making this bag, I had an small, odd rectangular length of fabric. So guess what? I made another pleated bag. But having learnt my lesson, I was careful with the pleats.

I did not want to give my husband a stroke so I avoided using the pink-purple fleece.

And the large bag said to the small bag fuming, "That lady bag maker! She said I was over-pleated! Can you believe that?"


marym said...

I think the large bag is not over-pleated but rather over-banded.

jane p said...

u know what marym, i think u are right. but i love the wide band so much, the stubborness in me want to go on believing it's over-pleated! :D

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