Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Ol' Skulls And Bones

I am running low on creativity. I find that I am repeating myself. Here's my latest bag - a simple long handled black bag with the skulls and bones motif done in running stitches. My secret agenda was to use up the pink-purple fleece. Oh, the burden....

The lining and flap lining were made using fleece. What else!

My son posed for me because my girl didn't want to. He was quite embarrassed. Look how lanky he is. I can't he believe I've had him for 12 years! Seems like only yesterday I had just given birth to him and when the baby was placed in my arms, all I could say was, "Why is his nose so flat?" My gynae said, "You're Chinese, your husbanad is Chinese. Of course your baby has flat nose. Chinese have flat noses." Well, my gynae was wrong. My son's nose is no longer flat. It unflattened.

2009 is a milestone year for my son. It's his last year in primary school. Last week, we went to his primary school to get his exams results. His grades were within expectation. He aced Math, his favourite subject  so we were all happy for him. He obtained As in all the other 3 subjects. We were thrilled he got A for Chinese. After investing so much money and effort in Chinese tuition, I'm glad it paid off. Today, we received a letter that he will get something from the government for his good results. I hope it's real cash and not some voucher. I'm so proud of him!

This is a book I've been studying for the past few days. It seems my son has to submit a selection of 6 choices of secondary schools he prefers. The unpleasant task of selecting the 6 schools fell upon me. It's truly a nightmare. I chose the schools by comparing the aggregate my son obtained against the range of aggregates of the students of each school. So naturally, my first choice went to the best school in my area. On Sunday, we took the bus to the school to see if my son could get there on his own next year. It turned out to be pretty easy. Still we had to take 2 different buses! Hello public transport ministry? I detect some monopoly here. I used the same algorithm to choose the rest of the schools. Wise or wrong, the deed is done. Come 22nd December, we'll know. Hope I don't have to beg some school principal for a transfer! Wish me luck!


Forest Flame said...

That's my Barney bag and I am bringing it to Bangkok on Monday. Your son will get Edusave award and it's $$ in cheque in his name. It is quite a good sum, at least 200.

And I am still trying to locate your email address.There's a bazaar at Nanyang Poly and Cairhill CC. If you are interested:

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