Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Money Bag

This is a canvas bag I completed last week but didn't get to post until today. Since I've started giving my bags names, this is called The Money Bag. It is a top zippered bag which is extremely hard to construct well. I have yet to completely get it perfect. So why do I keep trying? Sigh. I really don't know. Maybe I'm just born this way. Needing to climb Mt Everest every week.

The zipper, side and bottom gusset together forms a circular "belt". The most crucial aspect of this bag is of course the measurement and sewing of the "belt".
This "belt" is sewn to the front and back pieces. If your measurements or sewing are "off", they won't fit. The sharper your corners, the harder it is to keep out the little crinkles.

This is the bag inside out. Of course you can't see any raw seams! The stamp is my label.

Next year I hope to make more of these bags except with more interesting shapes.

It's Christmas Eve in Singapore and the weather is really grey. Wherever you are, I hope you have a Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays. Take care and I will see you soon.


Vale said...

hermosa! yo hago bolsos, este parece complicado, las medidas son crueles a veces con nosotras jaja... ojala publiques los patrones algun dia! un beso

tamdoll said...

I like your determination to getting your bag right - it looks great to me!

Happy New Year!

puesta de sol said...

hermosa!!!!! me encantó!!! si puedes dime como consigo los patrones, gracias

Gee rms said...

Hi...Jane.i,m fr Kuala Lumpur. Thank you for sharing.I,ve done my 'box bag' similar as your..selamat datang

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