Wednesday, December 9, 2009


This post might seem strange to my regular readers. Let me explain. I've joined this group called etsybloggers and one of the "rituals" is to promote a featured blogger/seller or be banished.

Calkat is Carrie and Kathy - December '09 featured etsyblogger. They have 3 shops.
Can you guess what this is? Is it a bullet, an alien egg?
Find out here at their shop:

If skull rings' your thing go to :

This one's my favourite:


Kathy said...

How'd you guess that was an alien egg....LOL! Thanks for the wonderful feature.

Happy Holidays!

Regina said...

This is just to cute...thank you for posting!!

I really love your bags...I make bags too amongst other long as my mind and hands are busy I'm a happy gal!!!


Made by Melissa said...

I Love the yoga fairies too! They are just too cute.

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