Sunday, December 13, 2009

Making Money While You Sleep

First I have some good news and bad news to share.
The bad news:
I only sold 1 bag at smu's Fashionista Live On Stage. Hehe.. it's always about me. What did you think the bad news was? So sadly, I had to lug all my bags home. My husband has decreed that I stop selling at flea markets and just focus on red dot design museum. I've decided to listen to him. (curtsy)

But I had a nice time with my fellow MAAD seller, Wyrrd Rune.We had fun!

The good news:
Psst. It's about me too... Since May this year, I've "allowed" nuffnang to place ads on this blog. I've finally earned my first SGD $50 (exact figure is $50.96) so I can cash out. This amount may be very insignificant to most people but I'm so thrilled by it I can barely contain myself. As my husband puts it very nicely. It's making money while you sleep!

Um..those of you who want in on the action, just click on the nuffnang links on the blog. Please read the FAQ and check if your country's part of the region targetted. All the best!

For those who read my posts through feeds or facebook, you won't be able to see the ads unless you come to my blog. So please come visit once in a while.

My next sale will be at the red dot design museum from 2nd to 3rd Jan 2010. My goal is to make 12 new bags. Apart from that I have a few custom orders to take care of: a passport holder for vivi, a bag for kim and 2 more items for christin.


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