Friday, December 11, 2009

Fashionista - Live On Stage

I gave myself 2 days off to recover from my last sale and as usual it turned into a week. As I have discovered, there is life outside my bag world. Like housework, laundry (hehe), cooking, iTunes, movies and shopping.

Tomorrow I'll be at SMU selling my bags.
My last outing at SMU was not exactly a success. So excuse me if I'm not too excited about tomorrow. fyi: I had committed to 2 dates to get a discount on the rent. :D

I'll be selling my bags at rock bottom prices since it's my last craft sale for 2009. Alright, the real reason is I'm sick of lugging them around and I want to make room for more new bags.
This time round, I'm sharing my space with wyrrd rune productions. She sells vintage gothic and victorian accessories.

Today I started work on a new bag.
Here's a sneak preview.

I notice that I get the most ideas to make bags when I'm either too busy to sew or just before it's time to sleep. Is this the same for everyone else? Have a great weekend!


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