Friday, December 18, 2009

Six Degrees Of Moi....Sort Of

On one of my MAAD sales, a lady chatted with me about one of my granny bags. She was also carrying a granny bag bought from Bali.

The next time I saw this lady was in November MAAD when she helped man a table for Lotus Fund Raising. She looked so familiar that I went over to talk to her. I asked her if we knew each other and she remembered talking to me about granny bags. But  I was sure I knew her from before that. Out of the blue it struck me. I asked her if she used to work for a software sweathouse XXX and she said yes. Apparently we worked as programmers for XXX when it was set up as an "experiment" to test a business model for outsourced programming. We were unaware we were part of the "experiment" until it proved successful and it was disbanded. Oh yes, all very Fringe.

I was overjoyed I recognised her after so many years. She did not even recognise me!

At December MAAD, my old friend was back again to man a table. She only manned it on Saturday and on Sunday, a couple, Gek and David took over. I had noticed the couple before but never spoke to them. This time, my table was opposite the Lotus Fund's table and sometime in the late afternoon when business was slow, Gek wandered over to my table and started chatting with me. She told me David's daughter in UK, Anna also sewed. The narcissist in me immediately pressed a name card in her hand and suggest Gek pass Anna my blog and try out my tutorials.

I'm shocked they actually called up Anna and told her my blog name. You know, the darnest thing is Anna had already found me and had already tried out my Boxy Pouch Tutorial! Anna beat me to it and did a post here.

I'm delighted to discover that Anna makes bags for sale and this one's my personal favourite.
Linen Chloe - photo used with permission by Anna
If you want to see more of Anna, go to Funky Diva Designs. And those of you who read my blog, you never know. You might just know someone who knows someone who knows me.


munirah said...


Name : Wendy said...

Love the design, especially two-ways of carrying it.

jane p said...

Wendy, i didn't connect who you were until now. Long time no see!

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