Monday, October 19, 2009

Houston, we have a problem here

So, there I was at Earth's First Ever Arts and Crafts Market over the weekend. I knew I was in trouble when Nel, one of the organisers asked me if I had done any publicity for the craft market. What?!

So it didn't come as a total surprise to me when I only sold 3 items. I made just enough money to pay for rental. It's amazing I even sold anything. Only a handful of people showed up. They were mostly friends of the organisers. And lets just say they aren't exactly fans of fabric bags.

So I had nothing else to do but enjoy myself. My girl who went along thoroughly enjoyed herself and wants to go back! The food was good and my girl had happy hour - hour after hour. She gets fizzy drinks only once a week but last weekend, she kept going to the kitchen to load up. I mean this girl can drink. Most of the sellers are regulars at the red dot design museum. So it was like a mini-MAAD.

There were a pair of twins sketching for free. Above, my girl waiting to be sketched.

My girl likes it.

These two are me. My girl persuaded me to do it. I was really shy.

There was a mini-concert. A few people sang but I only liked this girl She has gorgeous voice. That's her above.

There was a long haired guy selling tie-dyed T-shirts.

And there was a bald guy selling printed Tees. In Singapore we call bald people botak.

No, this is not the botanical gardens. One lady sold her clothes in the garden. On the first day, she was outside the kitchen But it got too hot.

Speaking of heat. Okay, new rule for future crafts market. It must be air-conditioned. One hour into the sale, sweat was pouring down my body. Thank goodness I had the good sense to wear t-shirt and shorts. I did not have the worst table. This lady selling cards had to open her unbrella. The weather was scorching. She had direct sunlight for hours and hours. Around 4pm, the sun hit my spot. I am completely tanned now. My left side more than my right side.

Jane P out.


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