Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Beader

Hello dear friends,

I was so taken by The Giver that I went on to read Messenger which is a loose sequel of The Giver.  It is set several years after The Giver and revolves around a boy whose job is much like a postman - he delivers messages. The village he lives in is under threat and he has to save it. The ending is again abrupt, like The Giver. Unfortunately, like most sequels, they disappoint. I think it tries too hard. The Giver felt so innocent and delightful.

You know, in another life, I often imagined I was a braider. Now I think it's possible I could have been a beader. No, no, I'm not a believer of previous lives. Just saying. This week I made progress on my spiral necklace. Beading, I've discovered is not that hard. It's much like sewing except you weave the thread onto the beads.

This is my temporary beading tray. It's not really suitable but I don't really want to invest too much in my beading in case my interest dies off. But I must say I really enjoy beading. It needs a lot of patience and is rather straining on the eyes. So I only do a little at a time and I do it when there's good daylight.

See this amount of necklace I've completed? It took me 5 hours! An experienced beader would probably do it at a fraction of the time. I made a few mistakes in the beginning and had to undo.

My necklace uses a very simple technique. Basically you just have x number of beads on the thread and you loop back thru y number of beads. You keep repeating until you hit strategic spots where you insert decorative crystals or other stuff, the names of which I haven't learnt yet. As I was beading, I thought to myself that I could possibly be making my family heirloom!

I've made two more iphone pouches with my Echino fabric. You can see more pics in my shop on Etsy if you're interested. See ya.


Bethany said...

Wow, Jane!! That's some nifty beadwork!!!!

tamdoll said...

You definitely have a talent for beading - I couldn't do that! That necklace is gorgeous. Did you think, that with thicker beads that this could be the handle for one of your fabulous handbags?

Have you guys read Ender's Game yet? I thought the sequels in that series were just as good, and some were better than the original.

Dee said...

Love the bags.
Have you thought of making sunglass cases? the silly little draw string ones that come with sunnies offer no protection and they get lost in the bottom of my handbag. A nice one like these with a clip on the side could clip onto my bag handle. Oh i can see it now... maybe I could make on wiht one of my little embroideries... na no time now that I am working full time. sigh. I HATE having to work full time + travel. it leaves me too tired to do anything.

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