Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Smaller Things Are Harder To Make

Hello readers,

I'm still here. I haven't abandoned you. I also haven't been working on my bags much. I'm now in a place called in-between. Or some people might call it - lazing around.

With no looming deadlines, I find I can easily pass the day without even sewing a stitch. It was quite strange at first as I've been literally sewing nearly every day for more than a year except for a few planned short breaks now and then. But soon I got used to it and before you know it, I somehow cannot imagine sewing like a maniac anymore. Oh, how easily one can get used to staying lazy.

On Sunday, I did summon up the required motivation to make a tall zippy pouch.

I wanted to make it interesting for myself so I sewed little circular running stitches for a quilted look. I have only a tiny portion of this lovely Echino fabric left. I won't be buying any more as the price has shot up by too much. Grr.

Ever since me hubs bought an iphone, I've wanted to make an iphone pouch since I have it for measurement. When the iphone was still a novelty to me hubs, I would be awakened early in the morning to the sound of him trying out all the ring tones! If I weren't too sleepy, I would punch him.

I didn't make this zip pouch for an iphone but as it turns out, it fits. If I were to make a zip iphone pouch, I would probably widen the zipper opening.

I couldn't resist putting spots in the lining as well!

Anyhoo, I was thinking about making an iphone pouch and I went for a flap/velcro kind as I think that's the most practical.

The back

I think the sizing is perfect. The iphone actually has a rubber casing for protection so it's slightly thicker than a nekid iphone. I managed to put in earphones in the pouch as well.

One thing I've noticed about sewing this iphone pouch is that suddenly you feel like a giant with too many fingers. For one thing, you can't use the free arm to sew the top of the pouch. So how do you do it? You squeeze and you curse and you try your best not to sew on your fingers! Plus I did not topstitch the top because I don't think that's humanly possible unless you hand stitch.

Okay, on something unassociated to sewing. I'm just dying to relate an incident to you. It's rather mean so don't read if you can't take it. Do you watch 30 Rock? In a recent episode, Liz Lemon was told by her boss, Jack Donaghy that she had tucked her undies into her shirt, again. When watching that joke scene, I was thinking that can't possibly happen in real life. I mean, who does that?

Well, what do you know? I was at Ikea one day last week during lunch hour, alone. If you have dined alone during lunch hour at Ikea with no one to reserve seats, you'll know the only seats available are the high ones much like a bar counter. So I sat or rather perched on the high, high seat and started to eat my peppercorn salmon meal. Across me at another bar-style counter sat 2 men, one of whom had his back facing me.

You understand that my guy was sitting on a high stool. I almost choked on my peppercorn salmon when I saw sticking out of his pants were his undies with his office shirt tucked neatly into. YES! As it turns out, people do tuck their shirts into their undies and I now know that for a fact. Lest you think I'm a raving pervert, please KNOW that I don't go out looking for underwear malfunction. These situations just present themselves to me.

So, my guy and his friend sat across me thru'out my meal. They talked and talked. Occasionally, my guy jiggled his arms, I'm guessing demonstrating his dancing prowess to his pal. To be honest, he's not a bad looking guy, from the back. That is, if you can look past his undies poking clearly out of his pants. He has a pretty trim body. I could not see any tummy fats at all! He dresses daringly - pink checked long-sleeved shirt with dark coloured pants. Plus teal undies.

Well, I tried my best not to stare at his you know what. Plus, I needed to eat and the sight of the teal peeking out would send me into tears.

Mercifully, my guy decided to leave. He stood up tall and happy, thinking everything is alright with the world. As he walked away, I could see standing proudly out of his pants the darn teal undies shifting left and right with every stride he made.

It took all my self-restraint not to shout out:
Mister, next time don't let your mama dress you!

Told you it was mean. See ya.


Bethany said...

Hahahahahahaha--this made me laugh...

Marci Girl said...

That was so funny!
I love the circle stitching on the Echino pouch!

Chris H said...

Too funny!
I love the wee phone pouches.

tamdoll said...

I love the running stitches on your Echino fabric pouch!

I've never watched 30 Rock, but that story was hysterical. I don't think I could have sat there to finish my lunch.. I would have had to leave or choke on my food from laughing!

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