Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Singapore Spotting

Hello dear readers,

How was your weekend? I've been in a rut for a while but over the weekend and early this week I kinda feel I'm back on track again. Firstly, I want to boast that I've managed to get back to my regular jogging routine. It's twice a week minimum and thrice if I don't throw a fit. Sewing-wise, I've been really working on my iPhone 4 pouches and I'm seriously happy with the results. Last but not least, I'm so in love with my new-found love - beading.

Check this baby out. My spiral rope necklace is complete. I love it so much. This is the first piece of jewellery I handmade. The beads I used were delicas. They're really just cylindrical beads with large holes. I assumed some of you guys might be interested in making a similar gorgeous necklace and I googled. Turned out there is a super easy tute. Go here.

This is my next beading project in progress. It's more tedious and not as lovely. It's done mounted on a chopstick.

I wanted my next iPhone 4 pouch to have a zip in front and played around with the size. In the end, I went with the size on the right.

I made three. If you want to ogle at the Anime pouch, go to my Etsy shop here.

Now, let's gossip. I like to think that Singapore is a well-known country but I know that in reality most people haven't even heard of it. That's why whenever I hear the word "Singapore" in movies, TV shows, I get soooooo excited. I regret that I do not have a list of all the movies or TV show that Singapore has been mentioned. (even if it's a negative way)

Here's one I love most from Pirates of The Caribbean 3.

Not long ago, Seth Rogen talked about Singapore on Conan O'Brien. Click on play if you want to hear what he said which upset some Singaporeans. You know - the inaccuracies etc. Me hubs wrote a column about it. Read it here. But all I was thinking was - he mentioned Singapore! I am such a "Singapore Spotting" groupie.

Anyhoo, contrary to what Seth said, Singaporeans do get to vote. In fact, this May 7th is polling day for Singapore and I'm old enough to vote! Seriously, it'll be my third time? The constituency where I live in doesn't seem to interest the opposition parties so it may very well be another WALKOVER. I will know if my constituency is contested on April 27 Wednesday. If it isn't, I would feel like my vote didn't matter. Now, THAT would upset me. See ya.


Bethany said...

Jane!!! That necklace is gorgeous! I would not have the patience for such adventures.

Chris H said...

The necklace is just lovely... and I love Singapore too! We spent 3 weeks there many years ago ... loved all the shops! lol

by night said...

I amp super super impressed with that necklace! it looks very complicated to me ;-)
As for voting... Belgium has a 'pretty' record... we vote almost once a year (regionals, city, federal) bu t last year, on June 13th, we voted to elect a new government... and our dear politicians haven't found an agreement yet so we still have no government since then... and everything is working very fine (well, don't tell anyone I just said that...)

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