Monday, September 3, 2012

VivoCity Craft Market 1st to 2nd September 2012 Post-mortem

I spent the weekend at VivoCity Craft Market. My counter was along the walkway. Not my favourite location. Can't emphasize that enough. I find it too noisy. People walking past you all day. But you can't choose the location of your counter. So you just have to suck it up.

This was my table display on Saturday. Not my best work. I did realise the table display was flawed but I was not motivated to change it. My kids came to help out but one of them fell ill so both went home. I always feel guilty when they come to help me but then again, when they're home, they just sit on their butts and play games.

A back view of the counter. Bet you thought it's all glam-glam.

I like to have my photo taken early on Saturday before I know if the day is good or bad. That way, I'm capable of smiling. Yes, that's my girl photobombing my beauty shot. She also MADE the wooden thingy that's holding up my Perfect size lunchtime pouch board. (see pic below) My son MADE the wooden thingy holding up the Projects By Jane signboard.

Sales on Saturday was very bad. I was shocked that I only made a few sales. However, I noticed a couple of counters along the walkway did fantastic. So I napped a lot because I did not bring anything to occupy my time. I thought I would be too busy writing receipts......

This was Sunday's display. I made a few subtle changes. Mandy said it looked better. She's quite good at table display so I'm glad she said that.

Sales was a lot better on Sunday. What a relief. I really thought it would be another day for snoozing so I brought some tatting to pass my time. Hubs came to keep me company on Sunday evening. VivoCity is a huge shopping center and I always enjoy going shopping while someone takes over the counter for me. In the early days of my selling at craft markets, he was terrified to be left alone to man the counter. But now he's pretty experienced.

On Sunday, a customer saw this pocket tissue holder with the cat illustration and she said it looked familiar. Oh, as it turned out, she had bought a pencil case from me in 2009 - 3 years ago with the same cat embroidered on it. I couldn't believe it. I was so thrilled. I've only used the cat illustration twice so I knew immediately which item she had bought. My girl drew this cat when she was in kindy. And nope, no one bought this item. One man pondered for a long time over my pocket tissue holders. Finally he gave up and left without buying anything.

And I was really so happy to make one last sale - the mama sexy zippy wristlet late in the night sometime before closing. Because, as you know, I find that customers don't care for bags and pouches after 9pm. So really, you just sit there for 2 hours just killing time. What a bonus.

Usually after a weekend at the craft market, I'm really exhausted and don't want to think about making more stuff. This round was no different. I felt quite spent. I know it won't last. Today I was out all day running errands and I was thinking that should I not get a slot selling at VivoCity during Xmas, I would have a leisurely few months ahead of me. This year I committed myself exclusively to VivoCity and never applied for table space anywhere else. So on the one hand, I was thinking I would be disappointed not to have any more craft market for the rest of the year. And on the other hand, the amount of time for lazing around sounded so attractive.

Well, when I reached home, I checked my mail and yes, I did get a slot for Christmas. You know what that means? I have to start making stuff to sell for Christmas. Starting this week. Crap.

And how was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

Dear Jane, I was so curious how the market would be getting along, thanks for sharing. My goodness, you have to stay there until 11 in the evening? That's challenging! Any sells on bags in that lovely new fabric you shared with us recently? I actually attended a market as well, sewed until midnight a few of your go-go sling bags and made the joke to my friend that I'd probably sell the big bag in which I took those and have no way to get my stuff back home again. And that's exactly what happened. I got very nice feedback on your bags though, I'll share the pictures. (it was a first time market that nobody knew about, in a park and joggers don't take money with them...)
Take a rest before you dive in to the Christmas market! Warmest regards,

Dee said...

I was just doing the maths... it's September already... only 2 and a half months until Christmas! Yikes. That's not long to get all the sewing and preparation done. How long before Christmas is the big market?
How did your cute food bags go?
the pic of you looks good and your eye looks like it is back to normal. Is it still sore now?

Linda said...

You can never predict sales, can you! It's a shame. Maybe some of what was left will sell at Christmas. What a smart daughter you have to make you the wooden stand.
I spent my weekend making a doll with my granddaughter! I'm in California for two weeks. I'm on week 2 now.

Little Blue Mouse said...

I'm glad you had better sales on the Sunday, do you think it was because you re-arranged the stall?
That little kitty is so cute!

Chris H said...

It sounds like a very long, tiring weekend!
Great you got a spot for Xmas tooo.

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