Thursday, August 30, 2012

If fabric were food

The lady whom I buy my fabric from at Malin Textile sure knows my weakness. My last visit to her shop at Chinatown, she showed me some houses fabric. I immediately went into cardiac arrest. Upon my recovery, I bought all the blue and mustard houses fabric she had. Thankfully, she didn't have a lot left. Otherwise I was in danger of spending the month's food allowance on fabric. And you know,


Made two sexy zippy wristlets and one get up and go go sling bag. Nothing earth shattering. In case you're salivating over these fabric, they're Fumika Oishi from D's Selection.

I still have more of the Ricco ricco houses fabric so I made 1 crescent bag. You know, I've no idea if I've made a crescent bag out of this fabric before. I've made so many bags.....

Today was one of those days that rained the whole day. It just stopped but still I couldn't take any decent photos. To be honest, the cold weather is really good for staying home and lying in bed. Unfortunately, I was sewing in the afternoon. I suppose this nice cool weather might not be too bad for tonight's diner en blanc. If you are unaware, (read the link if you must) diner en blanc's first outing in Asia was marred by bad handling. He said, she said, local food was dissed, bloggers were uninvited, bloggers were re-invited, bloggers call for boycott of event and the sky god has spoken. No rain tonight. Maybe a little drizzle, just to tease the organisers.

As for me, hubs is gallivanting all over town today and has refused to buy dinner home. So me and the kids will head for the food court for our in-door air-conditioned dining. We promise not to eat French fries and croissants.

Oh, this weekend I'll be at VivoCity selling my bags and stuff! It's been a while eh? I almost forgot what it's like to sell my stuff. Oh, yes, I'll need to pack.......

p.s. good news. went to see the eye doc again (different doc this time but same cuteness), waited for 2 to 2.5 hours and I DON'T HAVE THYROID. so it's back to the diagnosis that my eyes are allergic to something something. hahahahahahaha. anyway I'm 80% cured and I think I can live with 20% discomfort.


Mrs Pixie said...

It's so pretty! I love the little bear :)

Linda said...

Good luck at the sale! Those bags are so cute,they're bound to sell! I love the fabrics! I need to look at their website and see if they sell to the USA. (Shipping might make it too expensive.) Send the rain our way! We can use it! (Oh.....not to Louisiana though! They're dealing with a hurricane!) (I am in California right now. It is hot and dry in the central valley.)

hart44 said...

I just love the fabric too :) I think if it was just me I would rather buy fabric than food lol.
Your bags are so lovely.
Hope you are feeling a little better and will soon have some answer to you eye problem.
Here in the UK we are fed up with rain, it has been a wet summer :(

Dee said...

What is it about house fabric that just pulls on the heart-strings? It is so darn cute... and the bags you make from it sure are cute too, especially the sexy, zippy wristlets.
I have recently worked out one of the many reasons that I love reading your blog (apart from your great writing and wit). It is the personal touch you give it. I have been wanting to do personal responses to those who comment to me (instead of the in-blog responses). It was just explained to me today and I will try it from now on. You have taught me something else, Jane :) This has also highlighted just how much I am missing your comments back and how much I had come to look forward to them.

I am glad to hear that your eye is improving, it is so debilitating when you have pain all the time... and glad too that it isn't thyroid trouble.
All the best for the upcoming market.

Chris H said...

That fabric is utterly gorgeous!

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