Sunday, August 5, 2012

Indigo Tatted Lace Brooch


A few days ago I finally stopped working on my ePattern because I was finally done and emerged from my cave and it was really strange. It's like you've been holed up in this underground shelter waiting for the nuclear fallout to pass and one day you leave the shelter and open the hatch... Yes, something like that but without the nuclear fallout.

In fact the first day I stopped working on my ePattern, I fell sick. Weird sick. I slept for hours and hours. During the day. I had no sense of time and felt purposeless.

I greatly admire people who could spit out ePatterns after ePatterns. How do they do it? For me, and I know that now, I have to at least swim around in it. Occasionally drown in it. And only when my skin has turned really wrinkly from staying too long in the water do I leave. So again. Great admiration for the super bag designers. Is there a Designing ePatterns for Dummies out there? Please send me a copy if there is.

This is a sample bag I made. This is the first big bag I made a ePattern for. I think psychologically I was not prepared to write a ePattern for a big bag. My previous efforts were 1-hours projects and relatively easier to manage. I had to balance the size of the pdf with the right amount of instructions and photos. You can't over teach and and you can't under teach. Perhaps I will get better over time to tell the story of how the bag is made.

One other thing I did during my July hole up in the cave was to improve my skills technically. I wanted to be able to use my bag making software better. The only way to do it is to read up and practice. There is no other way about it. I'm quite pleased that I managed to figure out a few more moves that will really help me tackle the more difficult templates in future. So I'm saying it was well worth the effort.

Anyway, it's back to life for me while I wait for my ePattern to be tested by a few people. I do have a VivoCity date coming up in September. It's best I get cracking on stocking up.

Yesterday I started tatting again. I had purchased some indigo felt and I think the white tatted lace looks really good against it. The top left one is already sold. (thank you D) The other two are still available. Let me know if you're interested. In any case they'll be sold at VivoCity.

I can't tell if Bear is impressed with the brooches. He looks stoic.

* * *

Today we, meaning my extended family celebrated my mother's birthday. As always, it was organised, meaning paid for, by my younger brother. The restaurant was next to the boats mooring bay.  No, we don't own any of the boats.

Look what I ate. I had oysters for the very first time. My stomach is still holding up. Thank you.

It was a buffet. My kids thought the little glasses of jello were candle wax.

Here's me and the birthday gal. She's 84!

See you soon.


Laura said...

Well done - bag looks awesome and I love the navy brooches - really beautiful.

Linda said...

The bag looks wonderful. I'm so glad you finished the pattern. (Not as easy as people think! I'm sure yours must be perfect!)
I had to call my husband over to see your plate of food. He could live on seafood alone. (I'm allergic to it!) He went on trips to Tokyo and to Malasia and ate nothing but seafood the whole time he was there (3 weeks in Tokyo and about 2 weeks in Kuala Lampur -I dont' know how it is spelled!)
Happy Birthday to your mother!

Dee said...

The bag looks good.
Having written out many embroidery and craft instructions I know how time consuming it is to create patterns and instructions. Try not to be hard on yourself; a tendency we perfectionists battle daily. You have your own set of unique circumstances which govern your time and energy for pattern creating. I suspect that your bags and finishes are top notch whilst others may not be quite so particular.
I love your analogy and can really picture it. LOL Those technical skills will be very useful. I have had to remind myself in the past that the time taken to gain skills is worth the amount of time and effort... and keep reminding my kids when they are feeling discouraged when struggling with a new skill.
I LOVE your brooches and am looking forward to being the proud owner of one of them. :)
I was interested in the way the deserts were laid out - so attractive and appealing.
Your mum doesn't look 84, bodes well for you ;). Hope she had a good day. what are the two of you gesturing?

Something else I thought you should know: I originally found your blog when looking for bag stuffs. I found several bag blogs at the same time and started following them too. Most of the others I gradually stopped but not yours. I look forward to each post and love seeing what you have made, your tutes and the stories of your life.

Suzee said...

I love the bag and the brooches look amazing! You did a great job on the tatting.. I watched a lady doing one once and it was very interesting. Something I don't think I could do
The food looks so yummy. I love seafood!
Happy birthday Mom! =)She looks great!!! my mother will turn 83 this december and I bet she could out walk me anyday!
pssst.. i love your Barbie shirt lol

Chris H said...

You are a woman of many skills Jane! I am sure you have made an awesome ePattern.
The tatting is amazing and gorgeous.
And Happy Birthday to your Mum.

antmee said...

The oyster looks ......ummm...yeah delicious! Sorry, but I really think it looks like an aliens unfinished fetus! lol.

BUT your tatting looks incredible and with that I am not joking. Tatting is usually boring to me and I was not expecting to be inspired by any form of tatting but I am!! You have used it in a very eye popping way.

You will be another bag designer we will all be thanking for taking the trouble to make epatterns. We know they are a lot of work. Thanks. This bag looks great. The fabric you chose really suits it well.

Congrats to you mother! 84! hip, hip, hooray!

punkychewster said...

Aww happy birthday to your mama. Hope you're feeling better. I want to tell you your tatted lace brooches are so beautiful! make red and white and green and get ready for christmas because the white lace looks like snowflakes! They'll be perfect for the holiday season!!


Laurie-Jane said...

Like Dee your blog is one of the only ones I look forward to reading and check in on regularly. Just wondering what is in the container in the last photo? Hope you feel better from the information overload. Your mum looks great how wonderful to be 84.

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