Sunday, August 19, 2012

One fabric to rule them all

Hi people,

I think my vision is improving because yesterday morning, I woke up after sleeping for 12 hours (yes, very impressive) and saw how filthy the bathroom was. This bathroom is shared by the kids and hubs but do they clean it? With my almost fully restored eyesight, I simply could not bear the sight of the crap. So I washed it. How did I end up being the only one in my home who cares about cleanliness? To be fair, my son does his share of housework. He helps out a lot, sometimes he takes the initiative and sometimes I have to persuade him to. The other 2 members of the family tie for last place for the amount of housework done.

My right eye no longer feels like there's a golf ball in it. It's more like a pea now. IT'S GOOD. It's progress. All the headaches are gone. I no longer feel pain. It's more like I'm recovering from being punched in the eye. IT'S GOOD. It's progress. The eye cream still stings. Three times a day I act like a baby when I have to put it in my eyes. I close my eyes and wait it out. It's like 5 to 10 minutes. Hubs has started calling me blind woman. "Where's the blind woman?" "Blind woman, come here!" "I have something for you, blind woman."

Yes, I want to punch him in the face too.

This week I kinda felt like I was learning to walk. I hadn't sewed for VivoCity craft market for quite a while and suddenly I didn't know what to. So I wasted a few days playing around with some fabric but I couldn't feel motivated to make anything. Then I decided to start with clutches but it turned out I have run out of magnetic snaps so that became a UFO. Finally I looked at my circus animals fabric and decided I would only sew with that fabric. Yes, my own little challenge.

In any case, I had gotten a little excited working on something. Last December, on the last day at VivoCity, I was probably feeling very high, I asked hubs to write down some notes in his phone. Later he read the notes to me and I couldn't make head or tail. It seems, in my high brilliant state, I wanted to make a zip pouch with the raw on the outside.

Raw on the outside? That completely made no sense. So I did not pursue it. Anyway, yesterday, I decided to make a zip pouch with the raw on the outside.

Wait. Did you think I would really leave exposed seams on my pouches? I used french seams to sew the edges together. It's sort of a french seams except in french seams you would press the seams to one side but I left mine jutting out. For the bottom, I used bias binding to enclose the raw. I find it unthinkable to handsew the bias binding so I used zigzag stitches instead.

This zip pouch is a lot of work. And it looks a little weird to me. But hubs and my girl love it!

I don't know why I felt I had to push myself so hard but the next thing I made with the fabric was something miniature. This was a tough one. It's a coin pouch in case you haven't already figured it out. I had to use tweezers to sew the bottom. It was so so small I almost screamed as I sewed. I said a lot of bad words. But just look at it. It's so darn cute.

The next one was a no brainer. Two rectangular pieces of fabric = a zip pouch. I made this the traditional way. No tricks, no nothing. But I added a bias binding trim. Which hubs HATES. He said the trim I added spoilt the whole thing. My girl wasn't too crazy about it too.

I had been thinking of increasing my stock of Get Up And Go Go sling bags and was so glad I had enough fabric. I think this fabric print looks really fantastic on this sling bag.

With this cut of fabric, I could easily make anything but I took the easy way out and made a drawstring pouch. This was the 3rd item I made today and was starting to feel my energy sapping.

Last block of fabric. It was getting late and close to dinner time. I asked myself if it was possible to make a very big zip pouch and get away with it. I told myself to go ahead. Halfway, I knew it wouldn't work and had to add handles. Handles are hard to make. So I was really hungry while making this hand carry zip pouch. My advice is never to sew while hungry. I kept seeing food while I sewed.

Although I asked Bear nicely to model the zip bag for me, he stubbornly remained in the shadows.

I used up most of the fabric. I succeeded! What's left are unusable and will be kept for fabric buttons. Now I'm going to eat ice-cream. See you soooooonish.

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Katy said...

Such lovely fabric! I really like the zip pouch it is very unusual :)

Sara said...

Sorry to hear about your eye,but great sleeping powers!! I wish 12 hrs of shut eye existed!

Love the fabric in those bags and the first zip pouch made:)

Chiara Z said...

That Get Up and Go Go Sling bag is my favourite of this bunch. The red zipper just sets it off. And I'm impressed with your productivity. Impressive;)

punkychewster said...

wow! that's major productiveness in a day. i am currently in a crafting low ie i've been slacking and enjoying it, so i slack some more and try not to think about my crafting doldrum. it's a vicious cycle.

i hope you feel better soon!

Little Blue Mouse said...

I would have probably only made one of these items in a day and that's with two eyes working 100%!

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