Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Eat My Pouch

Remember the advice I gave before? Never sew when you're hungry? I ignored that advice. Not only that, I sewed, while hungry, using fabric that has food on it. Originally I had bought these delicious fabric to save for a future giveaway. Well, I kept them in the cupboard for a month. Yesterday, I made the mistake of opening the cupboard. Yum. So instead of a random person winning these baked goods theme fabric from me in a future giveaway, a few random strangers will have to pay me to buy these pouches I made.

I kinda like the black fabric more. Would you believe these fabric are from a collection called Queen's Candy? Can you spot macarons on the fabric? I heard of macarons maybe last year? I heard so much about them I had to eat them but could not find them anywhere near where I live. Finally one day I was given some. They were very, very sweet. I found more sold in town and ate some more. They were still very, very sweet. So I'm off macarons now. Because I don't like very sweet food. My teeth literally ache when I think of very sweet food. Ouch already. But what I love about macarons is they melt in your mouth! What exactly is that special ingredient that makes the biscuit crumble so meltingly? I hope one day some bakery here will bake not so sweet macarons.

These local traditional biscuits are what I usually eat. The round ones are called Marie biscuits and they're quite sweet but I can tolerate it. The square ones are soda crackers. I like them a lot because they're plain. Just wish they weren't so oily. I dunk them in hot lipton tea. The traditional biscuits shops sell biscuits by the tin - one big giant tin. I estimate at least 18" tall tin. These traditional biscuits shops are hard to find nowadays. My mother used to carry the tin home and she would get very upset if anyone forgets to close the tin tightly because then, the entire batch of biscuits would go soft. And without fail, someone always does.

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Chiara Z said...

I'm with you, Jane, I like the black more. The pink is a bit like your description of the macarons-- too sweet for my taste. At least sewing sweet fabric isn't going to put on any weight:)

cJ said...

i like to dip my soda biscuits in milo! yumms!!

mandy pan said...

Old people like soda crackers. You and I like soda crackers. Therefore you and I are old people. Agree or disagree?

Linda said...

Your bags are so pretty! I'm also partial to the black background because black makes the colors seem brighter, which I like.
Macaroons (or macarons) are made with a meringue base (which is egg white and sugar that is whipped full of air) and that is what gives it the melty texture.
Our saltines here have no oil at all in them, so that is a puzzle to me.
I used to buy a sesame cookie (or biscuit) that was imported from somewhere in Asia and was very crispy and had a honey glaze. I love them with hot tea. I can't find them anymore. Have you heard of such a thing?

tamdoll said...

Hi there! I love the bags, they're really pretty to look at & since I love sweets, I think they're great. Recently, I had the cream-filled macarons for the first time & they weren't my favorites. I like the kind that are just the almond cookie the best. Now I'm hungry. Off to get some dinner now!

Dee said...

Yep, the pink is definitely sweet and some sweet-tooth will snap them up. I too prefer the black ones. When I saw the first black one I thought "Cakes in space" because they look like they are floating in the stars... just out of reach, tantalising and teasing. :)

punkychewster said...

You know it's funny, the Americans say crackers when they mean "biscuits". And they eat their "biscuits" with gravy, which although is quite delicious, I still cannot wrap my head around it. Growing up calling biscuit for what it is, biscuits-and-gravy is just wrong.

Di said...

Marie Biscuits are the BEST! They are a South African staple & I miss them living in Germany! Top them with very mature cheddar cheese and you are in for a treat!!

antmee said...

Yum! I love both colour ways! The black makes the pattern 'pop' better but the pink is a nice sweet shade that I am loving at the moment.

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