Thursday, August 9, 2012

Three Ways To Draw A Pouch

When I make my Perfect Size Reversible Lunchtime Pouch, I always look forward to the moment when I insert the drawstring and draw the pouch closed. It's quite amazing what a little cord does to a fabric pouch.

What makes a good drawstring? Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, it needs to have a good grip. This is so the pouch remains closed when drawn. A slippery cord is the last thing you want!

When I make these pouches for the market, I usually use cotton twill. Many reasons - they're strong, come in many colours, relatively inexpensive and yes, they give a good grip. Plus customers don't shun them.

But there are other ways to draw a pouch. Occasionally I use bias binding. This method is tedious. Whether you make your own bias binding or buy them off the shelf, you will need to sew them up.

What you see here is the ironed bias binding. This job alone takes up half an hour. I think it's best to make your bias binding in batches and not on an adhoc basis.

I really dislike sewing bias binding together especially when they're very narrow. My sewing machine loves to eat it up while I'm sewing.

This other method I used to favour in the past - crochet chain stitches. You really just crochet until you have the required length and knot off. Then you crochet another of the exact same length. But I noticed that some customers are quite skeptical of its strength. For these cords, I used cotton yarn.

If you can't crochet, here's a link to a video. The instructions are quite clear. I'm sure you'll be chain stitching in no time. HERE.

I've also used waxed cotton cord. They're pretty good but the colours are too limited. I've used ribbons too. To my surprise I'm quite disgusted by the sight of the un-printed side of ribbon. You know the top would have prints and the bottom would usually be unfinished. When I see the unfinished side of the ribbon, I would go Ahhhhhhh.  Plus ribbons are quite slippery. Oh, those pretty cords, I don't know that they're called. Chinese cords? I love the colours but they're no darn good as drawstrings as they're so slippery.

I've taken photos of my pouch with the 3 methods.

With the good ole' cotton twill. Sturdy, reliable.

With bias binding. A little uppity?

With crochet single chains. Looks a bit of a hippy here.

Which method do you like best?


Cindy said...

I use twill for my pouches. I can find it locally thank goodness. I'd love to find colored twill, but online would be my only option. Do you have favorite vendors for colored twill? Cindy

Mrs Pixie said...

I think the cotton twill looks great. Although that crochet ones are kind of funky looking! I am yet to make a drawstring pouch but it is on my 'to make' list so I think I will try cotton twill when I do.


jane p said...

I buy them from a shop in Singapore. It's called Sing Mui Heng.

Linda said...

It's great to see all the choices together here. I've never noticed the twill in colors before! It looks great! I have used the bias binding because I can make it without running to the store. I think it looks great, too! I've never even thought of the crocheted chain. I love it! I can do that. The bead really gives it visual weight. I couldn't tell you which I would prefer. I like them all! I guess it would depend on the use you plan for the bag!

hart44 said...

I too love the twill but the crochet chain looks good too :)
I hate the ends of ribbon fraying so I don't use it now.
I love making your reversable lunch pouches, they are just pefect as gifts :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Jane, I hope you keep feeling better, so sorry to learn about your condition. Maybe you should make bags with matching -non allergenic- masks, just to cheer yourself up! I prefer the cotton twill of the three options. Recently I have been making some of your pouches with actual shoelaces, perfectly printed on both sides and they come in all sizes, colors and patterns.
I'll send you a picture of it if you'd like.
Best wishes,

punkychewster said...

i like the crochet single chains, it's different from the usual twill. I have tried using ribbon but i've also found them too slippery to provide a good grip to close the pouch.

anna said...

I like the cotton twill but best of all I like the beads. They finish the pouch off really nicely.

Dee said...

I have used all different kinds of draw. I like cord and twill best due to grip. Taffeta ribbon looks nice and is soft but is only suitable for small bags and usually for dainty items.

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