Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The air that I breathe

Ladies and gent,

I am sporting a new look. Yes, I am at home and I am wearing a mask. No one is holding a gun to my head. I'm doing this out of my own free will. And no, I have not lost my mind. (I'm sure this thought is on some of your minds)

Yesterday I had a what I call the 4th worst day of my life, medically speaking. The night before I knew something was very wrong. First of all, I went to bed early like around 10ish. Usually I sleep at 12 midnight. Before I went to bed, I wanted to relax by looking at some craft books. This is something I do a lot. I enjoy looking at embroideries and stuff I would not make in this life. When I felt so tired looking at the pages, like literally whacked, I decided to just sleep it off.

Well, morning came and I didn't feel any better. The problem was my eyes. For a while now I had been having issues with my eyes. As I have sensitive eyes, I didn't think much of it. But the past 2 weeks, the headaches have been coming back and this week, the headaches just wouldn't go away. This wasn't the usual food triggered headaches or the migraines. It was like a enormous weight on my eye sockets and temple. The pressure on the eyes was just horrendous. I can't even describe it to you. Like I wanted to gorge my eyes out. It got to a point where I had problems keeping my eyes open the whole day.

I really should have gone to see the doctor sooner. But to see an eye doctor, I have to go to see a GP first to get referred. The waiting time at the clinic is very long and that really put me off and that's why I had been dragging it. Finally I made up my mind to go on Tuesday no matter what. As it turned out, my condition became so bad I had no choice but to go anyway.

After a 3 hour wait I finally saw the doctor. I had a test done on my eyes and when the results came back very shortly, the doctor told me I had to go to the A&E department immediately because she was worried I had glaucoma. What! I almost had a heart attack from hearing what she said. And before I give you a heart attack, let me assure you I don't have glaucoma.

So I went to the A&E department at the hospital, dragging hubs along. The hospital visit was surprisingly easy. I barely waited before a doctor saw me. He examined my eyes and his diagnosis? Not glaucoma. However, he thinks I have sinus infection which is affecting my eyes. And the sinus infection? It's from my allergy.

Now, between glaucoma and sinus infection, I'm very happy to choose sinus infection. The doc has put me on a course of antibiotics and also arranged for me to see an eye doctor next week to confirm that my eyes are fine. Hubs who has a distrust of docs thinks I should go see an eye doctor immediately. But I want to see if the medication works. Already this morning I feel 10% better. 10% may sound very little but yesterday I wanted to gorge my eyes out. Today I was able to read the newspaper without feeling any discomfort.

Unfortunately, I have to stop my allergy medication while I'm on the antibiotics. Good grief. How will I cope? So I finally decided the best thing for me is to take the doc's advice and wear masks. I used to get really angry if anyone were to raise this solution with me. Well, after the shock from "I may have glaucoma" to "it's a sinus infection", I'm pretty much game for any solution. By the way, don't you think there ought to be a law against doctors telling patients they may have glaucoma based on very little evidence? I mean, holy crap! I could have died from fright.

The mask is surprisingly comfortable. I've worn it last night and today and I feel really normal. I believe my estate having the cleaning and repainting really tipped my allergy over the edge. I think it's going to take more than a week for the repainting of my block to be complete. It would be wise for me not to spend so much time at home. Looks like I may be spending my days at the library.

Since this year I know my allergy had been getting worse mainly because of the smokers smoking in the stairwell next to my flat and the people living in my block who choose to burn incense paper  below my flat. In the name of exercising their right to smoke and practice their religion, they are slowly killing me. Don't I have the right to clean air? I was thinking I should move to a higher floor but I doubt if that's a solution. As if moving home is a simple thing in Singapore!

Anyway, I can't wait for next week to see the eye doctor to confirm I really don't have glaucoma.

p.s. Hope I haven't traumatized any of you with this post. I'm fine.


Kristy QP said...

Goodness, that's a bit scary!! So glad that you are improving, even just 10%.

How frustrating with the neighbours actions causing your allergies to flare up - hopefully the mask is helping a little!

corinna said...

Oh Jane,you really didn't deserve this one! As we say in Germnay.. "Gods in white" for these brutal guys who all missed the empathy class! Never forget when they told me that my baby probably go mad.. but it was only an overreaction on a vaccination. They're always building up the worst scenario.. may be that's the only fun they have. Don't worry you'll be fine soon!!

Sarah PingsAndNeedles said...

When I was about fourteen I babysat for some people who had a siamese cat. Within about 10 minutes of them leaving I had the most extraordinary allergic attack and my eyes had swollen up like Garfield but tight shut ... I had to call my mum to come and take over duties!

I remember how frightening it was to have no control over my eyes!

Glad you are this side of glaucoma ... hope you feel better v v soon.

I think the mask makes you look cool, like a Ninja bag maker ...

Little Blue Mouse said...

That must have been really scary for you being told it might be glaucoma. I'm glad you're feeling a bit better and hope you're soon up to 100%.

Agy said...

Gosh, that is a very scarey experience. Hope you get better soon.

Suzee said...

Hope you recover soon! I do not have any allergies thank goodness..but my hubby does.. he is allergic to everything and living in the country doesnt help matters! I see him suffer all summer long. He has even had 2 surgeries on his sinuses and will be getting a third soon.ouchie.
He wears a mask to mow the grass. As soon as I saw your picture I thought oh is she mowing?? LOL
I really hope you get better soon!

Bethany said...

I'd bet on allergies/sinus infection. My sister gets clogged ears and sneezes to no end with allergies--my eyes hurt when they hit me. And my mother gets sinus infections a lot--she can tell one is coming on by her eyes starting to ache. I hope that's what it is for you--sounds like it probably is with all the work being done to your home.

Carol & Eddy said...

I hope the antibiotics work more than 10% after this n that you get fully well soon. Moving house is definitely not easy here. My neighbors from all the different units have been doung renovation works non-stop since last year and it's really driving me up the walls. It's sucks for stay at home moms cos we get to hear drilling, grinding, hammering and hacking noises all day long :-(

Carol & Eddy said...

I hope the antibiotics work more than 10% after this n that you get fully well soon. Moving house is definitely not easy here. My neighbors from all the different units have been doung renovation works non-stop since last year and it's really driving me up the walls. It's sucks for stay at home moms cos we get to hear drilling, grinding, hammering and hacking noises all day long :-(

Chris H said...

Nope... I'm not traumatised Chick!
I've seen lots of people wearing face masks during spring with all the pollen in the air.
I hope you are feeling better soon.

Dee said...

yikes Jane! that kindof suffering is yucky.
We have allergy sufferers too in my family and I have spent many hours at doctors with two of my daughters.
The mask you are wearing is a dust mask and will give protection from larger air-born particles. (10 for $2)
I recently purchased two similar but way more specific masks that have an in-build filtration system and will filter the air of other chemicals caused by paint fumes etc. (2 for $18) I bought them at the local hard ware store in the paint section . They are called 'Painters REspirators' by 3M.
If these masks are available they may provide another layer of protection for you. I know how much pain and suffering is caused by sinus infections and how paint fumes and the associated aspects of paint preparation can be very hazardous for those who are sensitive to such pollutants.

tamdoll said...

I hope you're feeling better by now! Allergies stink - I always take allergy medicine because if I don't I'll get a sinus infection at some point. What about blowing a fan pointing "out" so the other people's smoke doesn't bother you?

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