Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Which superpower won?

Hi folks,

I wonder if you remember I had a Little July Surprise giveaway some time ago? Today I was shocked to realise it's August. So the giveaway has ended and I have drawn the winner via random generator.

Without further ado, which super hero power won?

Yes, it's first time commenter, Super hero Azwa Laila. Congratulations my friend. Now, could you please teleport over to Singapore to claim your prize?

Just kidding. Please respond to my email informing you of your win and the little pouch will be on its way to you. Oh, I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog. Because when you wrote "discovered your blog", I couldn't understand if it was good discovery..... I'm guessing it was good.

* * *
 Today my nerves were rather frazzled as my home was invaded by water. On Sunday, a guy holding a clipboard had come round informing me the cleaners would be washing the walls of the building on 15th August. This morning, I saw a gondola outside my window. There were men with high powered hoses.

The basterd said 15th August, right?

I really scrambled to find something, anything, to cover the windows. Unfortunately, my laundry area and balcony do not have windows. When we made the decision not to install windows in those 2 spaces years ago, we never thought that far ahead. Unfortunately, my estate is undergoing a repainting process. It's the 2nd repainting since we moved here. Repainting means the walls have to be cleaned first. Honestly, I'm quite happy with my building looking old and worn out. I really hate having all these upgrading. In my estate, it's constant. Something is always being repaired. Or redone. What a waste of money. Yesterday I received a letter informing me the fees for managing my estate will be increased.

I'm not looking forward to the new colours for my flat. Mainly, the colour scheme I voted for was not chosen. The one chosen was a wimpy salmon with some other colour combo. I guess the majority prefers wimpy salmon. My son wisely informed me that no matter which colour scheme was chosen, I would not be happy. He's right. I'm still pining over the loss of the original colour scheme which had turquoise. Yes, mother freaking turquoise!

I have moved my stuff around to avoid getting drenched. So, tomorrow I will have to spend a lot of time moving them back. What a waste of time. But what really frazzled my nerves were the sound of water pounding on the windows. I was hoping the men would be able to get everything done by today but there was a thunderstorm. So they stopped work. Grrrr. Yes, I know. I'm being mean.

* * *

In case you're wondering, I'm nearly done with my ePattern. Yes, I know it's taking forever. I have the cover photos to shoot and I wanted to reshoot maybe 2 more shots but first, I need the men to finish washing the walls first. Grrr. Also, my ePattern is ginormous. I'm trying very hard to trim it. It's an impossible task, I say! Anyway, pretty soon I'll be able to crawl out of my cave. See you.


Linda said...

How awful to not have a say in your color scheme! I love being able to make my own mistakes with color! After all, paint is one of the cheapest decorating tools we have.
Hang in there. Hopefully, you'll emerge feeling less violated than you do now.

Azwa Laila said...

Hi Jane,

i'm sorry but i still don't have the superpower, yet.

Thanks for the pouch!

But Salmon is pretty...

Chris H said...

So much work done.... and you get an increase in your fees! WEll.... I think Salmon is way better than turqoise!

How about a photo of the finished repainted building???

Dee said...

Way back when this giveaway was posted I read the comments and LOL when I read number 7. It is SO true... sometimes I just want to be somewhere else. LOL. congrats to Azwa Laila.

I would love to see your building when it's done. I hope the paint isn't making you feel ill. It's bad enough to be greatly inconvenienced by it but sick too is really icky.
Do Singaporeans own their flats or rent them? I think it must be quite a different way of housing to the Australian housing.

tamdoll said...

Hey there. I would love to have a turquoise building! Good luck with the salmon... I'm more interested in the ' no windows' part. Doors? I feel so often that I want to keep things out, couldn't handle no windows. In the spring all of outdoors gets a dusting of pollen for weeks and weeks, would not be good indoors!
By the way I also like your larger wristlets... whatsoever you call them, mama's? That's cute.

Little Blue Mouse said...

I can't quite get my head round this no windows thing. Do you mean you can't see out onto your balcony? Or is there just an opening?

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