Thursday, July 26, 2012

A scarf and a failed sale

Hey folks,

Do you wear scarves? Do you know how to tie a scarf? Personally, I wear scarves around my neck but only when it's cold. I pretty much leave my head alone. I think I told you guys about BlogHer TV which I've installed at the top of my sidebar? You need to hover your mouse over it until it starts playing.

Anyhoo, I was watching one of the mini shows on the Fashion and Beauty channel. It's called The Girls With Glasses show. See the image above. Yep, the girls wore glasses. I really like the one in yellow dress. She's so kooky. And she's afraid of heights! Ah, I don't feel so alone now. I decided to see if I could tie myself a decent scarf.

I dug out my most awesomest coolest kerchief. I like how the word kerchief chopped off the hand! Back to the scarf. Are you ready?

I've discovered my head is too oddly shaped to hold a kerchief securely.

The only way out was to go for the peasant look and tie the ends under my chin. Wow. It really emphasized the length of my face. As many, many, many women love to point out to me: (in case it has escaped my attention)

Jane, your face is really long. Really, really, really long. I'm not kidding.

Lest this turns into a mini rant, let's take a look at Bear's attempt at kerchiefing.

Maybe, maybe.

It's a No.

* * *

Lastly, something real to rant about.

This is not my usual sexy zippy wristlet. It's supersized.

See, many customers have been asking me if I have larger sexy zippy wristlet. Apparently the size of handphones have either gone larger or the size of iPads-ish gadgets have gone smaller. Either way, they don't fit into my regular sexy zippy wristlet. Well, they keep asking and I keep not having any. Finally, I told myself if just one more person asks for it, I'll make the effort to make one. And one person did ask for it. As I hadn't yet tried it out, I decided I would make it first. Which means I did not collect payment. Which is always a bad idea. Always.

Now here I am feeling like a fool because the buyer has not responded to my emails. I'm sure I will be able to sell it at my next VivoCity craft market. But that's not the point, right? Hubs will surely say "I told you so."

I think I shall call this new size Sexy Mama Wristlet.


Connie Mitan said...

Greetings from a blog lurker [I read but rarely comment].... Wanted to let you know I gave your blog an award...

punkychewster said...

Maybe you should try with a long thin scarf instead of a square one. there are a billion ways to tie the long scarf. when i was living in shanghai and had to deal with the cold the first winter, i had only one way of wearing my scarf. very boring. then slowly i became more adventurous (and learnt some new styles) then wearing scarves became fun!

Suzee said...

I think you look cute in the scarf lol
I love the bags!!! what are the dimensions?Looks very roomy!

Linda said...

I love the purse! It will sell, I'm sure!
I have a hard time with scarves also. When my hair was long I could tie it under a pony tail and it would stay for a little while.

Dee said...

I also have a long face (although since gaining weight it looks more proportioned) and could never wear a scarf tied under the chin (too scary). I sometimes wear a rectangular one around my head from top behind ears etc, tied at the back or side. Also a narrow strip of fabric may work better - try it with a scrap of your current fav fabric. With my long neck it works well around my neck in lots of ways too.

If you are getting requests for the big mama sexy wristlet, it probs means there is a market for it. Hang in there with it babes. I so know what you mean about getting payment up front vs making it on trust. After getting burnt a few times I would only make on trust for folks I knew. Hopefully she will respond, if not some other customer will snap it up - your bags are so cute and practical.

Laurie-Jane said...

Just curious what is the date of the next market? I think your face is lovely as it is. I have a moon face apparently, according to the young lady helping me choose new glasses.

Little Blue Mouse said...

I'm sorry but I can't agree with you about Bear. He looks absolutely adorable in his scarf!
I wouldn't say your face was particularly long, although tied under your chin it does give that impression.

As you've had lots of requests for supersize wristlets, I'm sure you'll sell this one alright, in fact now you've started you should make some more.

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