Sunday, July 8, 2012

Eat and Run

Last night, yes, the night before my first mass 3km run, we attended a Chinese wedding dinner. I went dressed as Tina Fey.

Tina Fey

Do not adjust your monitor. This is the size of my head.

Hubs also went dressed as Tina Fey.

Here's the menu if you're interested. Only the first dish was good because we were starving.

This is real sharks fin. The politically incorrect oblivious waiter made a big show of putting in real sharks fin into the soup. He's lucky the anti-sharks fin activists weren't on the guests list. Hubs made a weak attempt to raise some anti-sharks fin sentiments.

This is Herbal Braised Duck with Sea Cucumber. Two things wrong with this dish. First - anything herbal is a punishment. This is a wedding dinner, no? Second - anyone else thinks this looks like a foetus from Alien 3?

I usually don't like to attend anything where I don't know anyone. But it was worth it especially for my kids because they got to see their grandma intoxicated.

* * *

Last night hubs and I had to take paracetamols to ward off the MSG induced headaches. It worked because this morning we woke up fit and raring to go.

I went dressed as a dalmatian. Hung on my wrist is my jogging pouch for the little essentials - phone, transport card and $20 in case I need to take a taxi home. I wore my old New Balance running shoes because it rained before the flag off.

Hubs went dressed as a Belgian Shepherd. (He's pretending to run here)

I was disappointed none of the VIPs who did the flag-off ran or walked with us.

Hubs did the 6km run which was flagged off earlier.

When it was time for my flag-off, I made sure to stand right in front of the starting point. There were thousands of people and I didn't want to be squeezed. Mr Tharman, the Deputy Prime Minister came to shake the hands of those who were in front. Yes, he shook my hands too and mumbled something which I couldn't hear. I imagine he said: "Cool outfit."

Once the horns sounded, I took off running like a hound dog. I wanted to break away from the pack. I was with a bunch of maybe 10 people. But later I couldn't keep up my pace and soon the fitter ones overtook me. Halfway, I discovered my shoes had problems. It felt like it was breaking apart. Hubs had expressed some concern when I told him I was wearing an old pair of shoes.

I was lucky that despite my shoe breaking, I was able to complete the run. The last leg of the run was difficult because the slow runners from the previous races were fighting for room. Once I spotted the Finish Line 100 metres away, I ran like crazy even though there's no prize for my category. I think I finished 3km in 10 to 15min.

I look super scary after a run. (this is the least scary photo of myself I could find) My face was RED. I could feel my face on fire. You could cook an egg on it.

After taking a good 2 hour nap, my face finally looked human again. See you.


punkychewster said...

omg i want to eat sea cucumber now! this is very bad, just spoke to my parents over skype today and they made me crave laksa yong tau foo, now i have one more item on my craving list.

congrats on finishing the race!! mine is in nov and i hope to god i can finish it.

Kristy QP said...

Well done on your race! That's impressive - especially after a night out.

Love reading your blog (even if I don't comment much!) you are so witty and funny.

LT said...


You're cuter than Tina in that outfit, but Hubs has better hair!

Your running outfit is so out of this world that one may think you're running in a costume.

Congratulations for completing the race. May you run more races in even more outrageous outfits in future.

Little Blue Mouse said...

Congratulations on your run!

Thousand of miles apart but now I've found a kindred spirit. I don't know and have never seen anyone else's face get as red as mine and take hours to die down when I'm hot. If I lived over there I would only need to be walking for my face to be red.
We need some kind of valve on the tops of our heads to let the heat escape!

tamdoll said...

"Cool outfit".

You just crack me up. I love how I can read about your day & you make me laugh.

You're awesome to be in a race & to do so well! I'd be carried away, no doubt, if I tried it.

Linda said...

I missed this post earlier. You are so funny! I just love your funny comments! If you ever come to the San Antonio area, be sure and let me know. You, my sister, and I would have a blast! We would all be laughing so hard it would hurt!

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