Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Sewing Tools


Since my Sunday run, I've avoided exercising. Today my muscles finally stopped throbbing. I've been mostly finishing tasks on my To-Do list. I've nothing to show you yet so why don't I show you my sewing tools? These are my essentials which I need to make my bags. Well, apart from my sewing machine!

Although I was educated in metric system, I sew mostly in inches but for my ePatterns I cater to both inches and cm. Because of that I need my rulers to have both inches and cm.

♠ Cutting mat
This one is in cm because the ones in inches are very expensive. I use the grid to align my fabric when cutting. I achieve symmetry mostly via this grid.

♠ 18" ruler
This ruler is a few decades old. It still works.

♠ 6.5" quilting ruler
This ruler saves a lot of time especially when you want to mark with accuracy. I would love to get a larger quilting ruler but somehow could not justify the ransom being asked for.

♠ Flexible ruler
Really good for curves. My days of using plates and saucers to mark curves are over.

♠ 6" Sew and knit gauge
It's the weird looking one with black marking and a peach thingy. This is a necessity for me. I use it to mark seam allowance. I used to use one bought from Spotlight but the movable peach thingy was really loose. This current one is by Prym and it's solid! Click here to see a listing in Amazon.

I also own a 39" ruler. It's useful when I make long handles!

These are my marking tools.

♠ Hera marker
The white weird object is a hera marker. I use it to make creases when I don't want to use an iron. You can use it to mark your fabric as well. Click here to see a listing in Amazon.

♠ Coloured pencils
The 4 pencils are used to mark sewing lines on my fabric. I use the red/dark blue the most. For dark fabric I use the light blue or yellow.

♠ Pencil sharpener
This is a Lyra pencil sharpener. It is the best I've ever found. Most pencil sharpeners either break your lead or can't get it perfectly pointed. Mine does.

Are you like me? I am very protective over my fabric scissors. I don't allow anyone to use it. I've been known to scream my head off when I catch anyone using it.

I use 4 pairs of scissors.

The top pair is the one I use to cut fabric.

The small pair of scissors is used for cutting thread. I love the small pointed tip. It could snip thread such that you can't see anything left behind.

The third pair of scissors was originally my fabric cutting scissors. It was the first pair of dressmaking scissors I had bought many decades ago when I was learning to make clothes. I bought it from Mdm Gan, my sewing teacher and she said this brand was her favourite. I have hunted everywhere but am unable to find it at any shops. My family has used it to cut everything and anything. I wasn't as vigilant before. As a result, it has become blunt. Now I use it to cut paper or zippers. I'll surely be buried with it.

The last pair of scissors is really cheap. I have zero feelings for it. I bought it for my family to use especially on anything sticky like scotch tape or masking tape.

When I make handles, I prefer to sew a tube and turn it inside out.

These are my loop turners. Mine are from Clover and I use them a lot. It comes in 2 sizes. These are good for light to medium weight fabric. For stiffer fabric, unless the width is large enough, these loop turners are useless. A large safety pin does a better job. Click here to see a listing in Amazon.

The long chopstick I use to poke out corners for finishing. This chopstick is unusually long and I suspect is meant for cooking and not for eating.

The middle wooden thingy is also used to poke out corners especially for small crafts.

The brush is a must - how else to get rid of lint from the sewing machine parts?

Hope you enjoyed looking at my tools. If you use anything unusual, do share with me. Would love to check it out.


EphemeralMe said...

I know what you mean by sharing scissors, I think it has to do with how each one of us use the scissors, just like pens. I find it hard to write with other people's pens.

You have some amazing tools on hand for sewing, I specially like the flexible ruler. I wouldn't know what to do with any of them if you hadn't explained. Thanks.

punkychewster said...

OMG you've just put a name to the thingy i've been using but have no idea what it was! That is the sew and knit gauge!!!!

And yes i am super protective over my fabric scissors, i watch my husband like a hawk. I buy tons of cheap scissors for him to use and strategically place them all over the house so he doesn't have an excuse to use mine (which i also keep hidden from sight). Slightly OCD but well worth it because i love the feel of a sharp blade when cutting fabric. Other than that I have a pair of tiny embroidery scissors to snip off teeny stringy ends.

Carol & Eddy said...

Heh I'm super protective over my scissors, too. I have three that I can't do without, and many other smaller scissors for all sorts of things around the house. I know what u mean about the rulers n mats being so expensive at the local quilt stores. The prices here are more than three times what they are at the States. I think we should band together and order our things directly from the US or even amazon to take advantage of all these better deals! Also do you know that 45mm rotary blades for eg are much cheaper at Popular bookstore? I can't do without my rotary cutters.

Dee said...

I grew up in a house where sewing was the norm. To touch mum's sewing scissors was to court an early death. Lucky for me my hubby grew up with a mum who sews and he had a similar experience. I didn't have to guard them, merely label them and keep them with my sewing stuffs. My kids can probably tell the stories of growing up with threats of violence should they lay a hand on my sewing scissors too. :) It is the way of paper and cloth cutting implements.

I clicked on the links for Amazon and checked out several of the sewing implements etc. then I checked on the shipping costs and nearly had a fit! It is very expensive to post to australia, more than double what it is to post to the rest of asia/pacific. why??? there is no good reason - distance is about the same or less. :(

I seriously love those turning tools, they look way better than any I have seen or used before. I won't buy them from amazon but will have to see if I can source them elsewhere.

I have often seen the turning tool but don't how to use it. how do you get it to stay in the curve you want?

thanks for showing your cool tools.

Dee said...

band together to save postage - great idea. pity i am n Aust and can't join you. any other Aussies want to try it?

Little Blue Mouse said...

I too have threatened my family if they touch my fabric scissors!

I use a knitting needle for poking corners out.

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