Friday, July 13, 2012

Turning a fabric tube

Hi people,

It's Friday and I've been feeling this way for a week already. I get symptoms of flu - weird nerve sensations all over and achiness but no fever. So I feel neither well nor truly unwell. I've had to nap every day otherwise I feel like I'll be very ill. It is very unsettling. I have massive headaches again and I don't know what I'm doing wrong. It could be due to the weird weather we have. Hopefully it'll blow over. All these aren't symptoms of old age right? Right?

Hey, what is it about boys and camo fabric? This is the 4th pencil case I've made for a boy. Oh, but look how I've sneaked in a pink pen in the image? I've never had a boy come to my craft market begging mom to buy a pouch from me. I suppose most of the fabric I've used are too girly?

* * *

Yes, I know I'm supposed to be decluttering but I couldn't resist buying this. Do you know what it is?

It's an umbrella! We have many umbrellas in my home. Most stop working after a while. My kids have 2 umbrellas each - one in the school bag and one in the going out bag. In Singapore, it rains very frequently. Or should I say sure as rain it will rain.

I'm a sucker for these Japanese dolls.

* * *

In a previous post My Sewing Tools I showed you my loop turners which I use to turn my fabric tube right side out. If you've never used these you won't know how they work. So here's a little let-me-show-you-how-it's-done.

Here I have a tube sewn up with seams ironed open

See this little thingy - it is used to grip your fabric.

Insert fabric tube into loop turner until you hit the thingy.

The beginning part is not easy. No kidding.

Be patient. Be gentle. Do it slow.

Keep some nails for this intricate task.

If you've done it correctly the loop turner emerges. If not, you would have dropped the grip on the fabric tube and have to redo it all over again. It has happened to me several times.

This is how I turn all my fabric tubes. But this method is not for everyone. A safety pin might work better for you. Go here if you want to see an Amazon listing for this loop turner.

The important thing is not to get cocky when you're halfway through and go at full speed. That's usually when you drop your grip on the fabric tube.

* * *

This loop turner has another function. 

See the gap where you can grip your drawstring or rope or cord? The grip is pretty good for a small thickness. Otherwise, just tie a secure loop.

Do I need to show you how to insert the drawstring into a casing? I guess not. The loop turner bends. It's a bendy loop turner. I insert all my drawstrings for my lunchtime pouch using this method. Of course, a safety pin works just as well.

Have a good weekend.


Dee said...

Love your loop turner. i have used safety pins and a wire loop turner but this one looks a bit sturdier than the wire one. I like that you can also use it for threading cord/elastic. I still use a sefety pin for that but a safety pin has some draw-backs too: popping open if not careful, getting stuck on a narrow part (usually a seam), the cord getting stuck in the loopy part of the safety in or if it is a loose weave cord having it unravel a bit where the safety pin pieces it from the stress of going through the length of the channel.
I must hunt down some of these turners and see if they will ease my threading / turning.
Love the umbrella. We have heaps of umbrellas too, but they break so frequently that lots is good in our wet climate.

Chris H said...

Wow I have NEVER ever seen a loop turner before!

I just use a pencil.

Now I shall have to go to Spotlight and see if I can find me a loop turner!

antmee said...

I have heard of loop turners for years but always thought "why bother buying one when a safety pin works just as well".

That was until your little demo that showed me what I have been missing all my life! It definitely is better than a safety pin and now is on my list to get. Along with a cute umbrella like yours. I love it, it is so cute!!

I hope you don't have the flu but if you do I hope it is a mild dose and you recover soon. Vit C is still the best thing to take. And lots of it!!

Miranda said...

I've never used a turner before. My Mom taught me to sew and she always used a safety pin.. so that what I use. But they do seem practical. Maybe you should make a few boy pencil pouches and see if they sell. That may be a totally untapped market. Maybe you will get people asking for those great camo pencil pouches :)

Little Blue Mouse said...

I just love your umbrella!
Very good demonstration for the loop turner, I hope you're feeling better now.

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