Tuesday, July 24, 2012

How to sew a long thin strap

I had been using a store bought poly-vinyl cord as a strap for my Get up and go go sling bag. But the ends of the cord were fraying so I decided to sew a long thin strap to replace it.

Here's how I did it if you don't already know how. First fold along the length to get about 30". You'll end up with 60". For my height 166cm (around 5' 5"), this strap is pretty long. But I like the bag to hang low, below my hip.

Use an iron to get the crease!

Is this how you sew a long thin strap? The magic is in the ironing.


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corinna said...

Very good indead! I've so many books about crafting, but very often the explanations are so complicated,yours is so well done. You should write a book about making pouches/bags.
I would buy it!

Anonymous said...

Great tutorial. I love your blog. I always learn so much and I love reading about your adventures with "hubs." Thanks for sharing. Someday, I will be brave like you and have my own blog!

Dee said...

Excellent tute.
I had to go looking for the hiding thumb shot. It was well disguised, if one doesn't notice until pointed out, then it must be an effective disguise. :)
good to see your post. How is the e-pattern progression going?

Suzee said...

Oh Im glad you did this post for this handle! I was about to ask you where to purchase the cord you used..I was everywhere looking for something similar and couldn't find it and decided to make a long handle.. you took the guess work out lol thanks!

Linda said...

What a wonderful tutorial. Your work is so neat and crisp!
Hope your thumb is not too sore! That can really hurt!

mel@all.wrapped.up said...

I'm in the midst of refining a bag design and it requires 2 seperate long thin straps. The first one I tried to turn almost made me cry - but a metal chopstick helped me turn it around in the end, the fact that it was drill probably made it worse. The second time I did this exact method and although I had to pin a lot! Like all my pins were used up for 80cm worth of thin strap, it was so much easier. Love the fabric also.


antmee said...

I agree with Corinna. You should write a book. Love the way you explain things.

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