Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Running for a cause

Suddenly July is upon us and you know what July brings? Daily thunderstorms. Ordinarily thunderstorms don't worry me but this Sunday is the day I go for my first paid run. (I pay to run) I heard it's a rain or shine event. What am I saying? It is a rain or shine event. I don't want my Adidas running shoes to get wet. Yes, I'm acting like a spoilt brat. I find it hard to find the right pair of running shoes and I don't know if the shops still sell this model. It's super comfy.

Me and hubs will be participating in Jurong Lake Run. It's a run for a cause meaning some proceeds (I don't know how much) will go to charity.

We have collected our race pack and it has a lot of freebies from the sponsors.

Will I be running with this PayPal towel round my neck? I think not.

Our race bibs. See - I'm running under "Projects By Jane". Mine is a leisurely 3km run. I could walk if I want to. It's allowed. Hubs is doing 6km.

This is my running top. I don't think I'll wear it. It's sleeveless and I have thunder arms. It's also a little large around the chest.

These are skin and hair care samples.

These are some protein bars. Is it too early to eat them?

And how thoughtful. Some Ebene cream for the stiffness that will come later.

Today I went to the jogging park for my usual 6 rounds. But after 4 rounds, I almost stepped onto a dead animal and thus ran screaming home. Am afraid this is all the preparation I'm putting in this week. I shan't return to the jogging park until "it" has turned into dust. Come Sunday, I hope I won't be carried out in a stretcher.


punkychewster said...

Yay!! have fun! I'm training for a 5km run too! This one is in November. I'm so used to running in hot weather, i don't know how different it'll be running in cooler weather.

Little Blue Mouse said...

If it rains, avoid the puddles so your running shoes don't get as wet!

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