Friday, July 6, 2012

Youtube, PicMonkey and Firefox rule my life

I realised how much Youtube, PicMonkey and Firefox rule my life sometime in June. I use Firefox browser and one fine day I wasn't able to play Youtube music and open PicMonkey. In fact anything requiring flash player no longer worked for me on Firefox. In Youtube, I would get "An error occurred. Please try again later." In PicMonkey or any application requiring flash, it would just hang.

I tried other browsers. IE, Chrome, Safari, Opera - they all bloody worked. No problems with flash.

I have browser loyalty. Ever since I discovered Firefox, I've loved it. The navigation just appeals to me. I like it logical. When I work on my computer or sew next to it, I like to listen to Youtube music. And of course I need PicMonkey to pretty up my images. Firefox, Youtube and PicMonkey are my 3 daily essentials. 

At first I blamed it on the updated version of Firefox. Mine is 13.0.1. Because on my antique computer, I have a lower version of Firefox and it's just fine.

The first thing hubs did was to revert to an older version of Firefox. Which destroyed all my bookmarks. Which didn't work. A total waste of time.

Then I restored my computer to a previous timeline which worked. But once the software updates came in, the same problems with flash started once more. Exhausting.

Finally, after investing hours and hours of precious time on this stupid problem, I gave up and switched to IE (Internet Explorer) because it's the only browser not claimed by any member of the family.

Unfortunately using IE is like going back to an old boyfriend after you've married up. IE feels like a loser ex-boyfriend. The navigation is sooooo backward. I constantly find myself closing the wrong tabs. Plus the blogger editor in IE does something crazy to my blog post when I'm editing - it inserts blank lines wherever it likes. So I ended up using Firefox for blog editing and IE for Youtube and PicMonkey. Grrrr.

Recently I discovered a solution provided by Adobe for my flash problem. You would think the geniuses would be smart enough to not include flash application in the solution page. Because if you have the flash problem, the page simply won't load!!! So you need to use a browser other than Firefox to read the solutions.

Here is the worded solution.
Here is the video showing you how to fix the bug.
The solution is simple and easy to fix. It's the Real Player!

This solution is only for Firefox. If you're someone who pees in your pants at the very thought of changing your configuration, please ask someone with better bladder control to fix the problem for you.

After reclaiming my Firefox, I discovered that the problems still occur from time to time. However, the solution is easy. Just restart Firefox and flash works again. Methinks Adobe needs to go deeper into its software to find out what's wrong.

* * *

Oh, this came in the mail. Yes, literally money from the sky. The Singapore government is giving me $250 cash on 1st August 2012. I secretly think it's because I've been helping the economy during the Great Singapore Sale. Okay, I don't really know why I'm getting the money. This money has come at a perfect time. I've been thinking of investing in a new serger! Anyone owns a serger? What's a good model?

Apart from $250 cash, I'm also getting a $100 off my utilities bill. This $100 rebate is per household. Hubs is sore he's not getting any cash so I'm donating this $100 rebate to him.


Suzee said...

My husband uses Firefox , which I love too but cant use one he uses as I like my browser to look pretty lol.but he was having the same problem with flash.. thank so much for posting this!!! he will be thrilled!
Congrads on your voucher! wow that would be exciting! I own a serger. love sewing with it. I sew alot of clothes so it comes in handy. I bought a Brother 1040D model. NOt had any problems with it and had it for about 3 years?? easy to thread too! came with many attachments.Good luck in your search for one!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Great news on getting the voucher, and how kind of you to give the utilities part to hubs!

(I've only commented on that part of your post because I've no idea what the rest is about)

Dee said...

I like firefox too and I know laughed when I read that going back to IE is like going back to an outgrown boyfriend. since we have gone to MAC i also use sSafari - similar to firefox in some ways. often o have both open - talk about a nerd.
My new overlocker is a Janome 1110DX . I bought it about 118 months ago - actually hubby went out and bought it without even telling me he was getting it after my old one had died and he had a bonus payment come it. i like it a lot. His way of choosing - ask my frined what she bought ('casue she had researched the options) and he bought the same. I like to thoroughly research the pros and cons of each machine and instead of me being happy with him I was quite unhappy as he had deprived me of the fun of the research and selection. also I may have wanted something different. as it turns out it is a very good machine. i can go into more detail about it later.
I used to own a Babylock for about 18years before it died. it was excellent and originally was the best overlocker available. it was also very expensive and took me ages to save up for it, but when it died i wasn't able to even get parts for it any more :(

i look for ease of threading, ease of changing between rolled hem and regular stitching and able to cope with thick layers and varying thicknesses.
hope this is helpful.

Susana said...

Que tecnológica Yane!yo cuando estoy en la computadora pongo la radio .
Feliz por usted ,que su gobierno le devuelva su esfuerzo.
Ya es domingo ,que disfrute su carrera!

antmee said...

Thanks for sharing about firefox. I use it for all my doings on the net and so far have not noticed any problems. But I now know where to come if I do!

I have a serger and used the same one for over 10 years of continuous sewing of my childrens clothes. It is a 1994 Janome model and still works perfect. Look for "differential feed" I think most may have that feature now. Get a at least 4 thread machine. There were 3 thread machines when I bought mine and they were inferior. Also one that lets you flatlock will add lots more sewing possiblities.

Do you know why your government gave everyone money? Is it to help with a carbon tax (if your country has imposed the tax on you)? Is your country having economy issues like everyone else in the world? Do they do this often?

Yeah! I am nosey!! lol

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