Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A tiny change in my blog


Long time no see? I've been preoccupied. I've had my head stuck in my computer the past few days. Writing ePatterns is gruelling. I'm totally exhausted but I can't stop yet. It should be done soooon.... this month, I hope!

Just wanted to pop in and tell you I have installed BlogHer TV on my blog. See top sidebar. It's totally non-intrusive. You need to mouse over it to get it started.

I have set the default channel to Fashion & Beauty (because it looked more interesting). But you can click on the 2 other channels Food & Cooking or Humor & Inspiration. These channels will be tweaked in future.

Ha ha. No you don't get Fringe or Modern Family or Survivor or Project Runway. Anyhoos, watch the default channel if you don't know how to pronounce Balenciaga.

I'm trying out this BlogHer TV and would appreciate your comments if you have any. Oh, like is it irritating? I didn't even see it! And in case you're wondering, I do get thrown a few pennies except I haven't yet read the "hows and ifs".

* * *

I've also made a blog post signature. See bottom of post.

Would you like one? Click here for Sew Many Ways tute.
And once you've uploaded it to blogger or your photo host, you need not upload it again.
Instead of "Upload", just pull it from your blog or Picasa web album.

* * *

Well come back tomorrow or the day after. I might have a little surprise for you.


Kandi said...

I do love that little signature I could do with having a little play around with my blog but I'm really scared I break something! x

Suzee said...

I like your little signature = )

I have neglected my blog lately =(( and one of these days I need to revamp it!
Looking forward to your little surprise!! and can't wait to see the new e patterns!

Dee said...

Neat signature. I have been wondering how to add one. I will check out the tute, ta for posting.
I wondered what you were up to as we hadn't heard from you. I guessed that it may be pattern writing. Glad to know you weren't sick.
I look forward to hearing about the 'surprise'.

Susana said...

Me alegra que este usted bien.CariƱos.

Little Blue Mouse said...

That's a cute little signature!

The BlogHer TV is not for me I'm afraid. I rarely look down the side of blogs except at the owner's blog list to see if I can find other blogs I might like, or to find earlier posts.

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