Monday, August 13, 2012

No Magic in Magic Mike

You know what it's like. You see an actor you really like in a few movies and then you're smitten. Yes, ladies and gent, I'm talking about Channing Tatum's body.

Anyone saw Dear John? Anyone saw The Vow?

Anyone saw Dear John and The Vow and wondered what it would be like to see more of Channing Tatum's body?

As if the actor read my/our minds, he made a movie called Magic Mike.

So he called a few guy pals with reasonably hot bodies (I didn't understand Kevin Nash's inclusion - maybe if I paid more attention to wrestling I might) and he sent the script to Mathew McConaughey with the note "Your wardrobe does not include shirts" and that immediately got Mathew on board. Okay, I made that up but I imagined it wasn't hard to get Mathew on board.

Spoiler alert: Get out NOW if you want to see the movie.

Now if Channing, (I'm gonna call him Channing from now on) had made a straight strip flick, the title of my post would have been "Magical Mike". But he didn't. Instead he remade Dear John and The Vow, threw away most of the plot and threw in some stripping in between. Yep, he made a chick flick - a boy meets girl, girl doesn't want boy, girl realises she wants boy, boy screws up, boy chooses chick over strip. He read my mind wrong. WRONG!

The movie started well. A tease of Channing's nekid behind. And more if you were quick. I was thinking "Oh boy, let the movie begin." Hubs who couldn't bear to see me go watch Magic Mike on my own went along. He wasn't keen on watching the movie because he's a man.

I also found out why he really went to see the movie. To restrain me. Every time there were promises of skin, and he could sense or hear my exciting squeals, he would place his hand on my arm or leg - as if to say, "Easy Jane".

Each stripper took turns to remove their clothes. But there were a lot of other stuff you have to "endure"  enjoy like dancing, gyrating, some acting, more dancing, more gyrating, some teasing and suddenly the act is over. They never took everything off. Not once.

What did I miss? Did I blink too often? I was really puzzled. Mathew McConaughey's act was the last one and still the dang thong stayed on. There must be some kind of misunderstanding. I watched The Full Monty and remembered distinctly the final hat scene. Did I watch the censored version?

And we only paid for 1 ticket because it was buy 1 get 1 free. So I won't ask for my money back.

It's still worth watching though. Just don't expect the full monty.


Carol & Eddy said...

Haha I'll wait for the $12.99 DVD then :-). Sigh I prefer men with their clothes on. Right now I'm in love with Chris Martin of Coldplay. My husband knows this cos I tell him a bazillion times how lucky Gwyneth Paltrow is. The lyrics to his songs are deep, and all the tunes are unique. I don't hate any of his song in any of his album. I'm still wondering why Coldplay has not come to Singapore. I hope it's because Chris doesn't want to be away too long n too far from wife and kids. I'm such a sucker for responsible husbands. Sorry, that sounded so wrong :-) p. s. I loved the Full Monty. Ok so I love British movies, I really do. I send you list of movies I hv in case you want to watch?

Laurie-Jane said...

I wonder if Men in Black style your husband had your memory of full strip erased. I like me a bit Matthew Mc so I am still tempted to watch. I too am a sucker for responsible husbands ha ha.

Linda said...

Funny girl! I'm with Carol above. I like men with clothes on! Except my husband. I like him all ways.

tamdoll said...

I'm waiting for it to come out on video to watch... I didn't even want to see it at first until I saw that Mike Manganielo was in it... but I'm too lazy (& cheap) to go to see it in the theater. Thanks for the review though!

punkychewster said...

Oh i didn't care that i didn't get to see the Full Monty. Leaves more to the imagination. I love watching him dance though. he is so dang hot! I had to go watch it with my mother-in-law and we had a good giggly night. Luckily J was away in the Philippines, he wouldn't have gone anyway.

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