Thursday, February 14, 2013

I heart u

Hello friends,

"I feel it in my fingers
I feel it in my toes
Love is all around me
And so the feeling grows"

Today is the day of love. Let's celebrate. Muah, muah, muah to everyone. I know some of you may be anti-valentine's day but I'm gonna wish you anyways.


♥ ♥ ♥

Yesterday me and hubs went out on a date - food, shopping, movie and more food. The whole shebang. Yes, let's call it our Valentine's Day date but really it wasn't. I saw two different women, both holding bouquets of flowers. The first woman was with her date and I was thinking. Are the women supposed to hold on to the bouquet of flowers throughout the date? How annoying. Good thing I did not receive any flowers. (cough, cough) Speaking of flowers, I received nothing from hubs today. He set down a decree. Today. That there will be no gifts for Valentine's Day or Christmas. I'm really okay with it because I got him nothing as well.

You know, in my younger days I did feel a little jealous when I see women receiving flowers and gifts on Valentine's Day. I remember this particular year. I was still in my 20's and I was working for this organization where Valentine's Day was a big deal. Throughout the day flowers, gifts would appear on someone's table and there would be squeals of delight. I received nothing. I knew a close colleague who received a gift (a box of chocolates) from a secret admirer. Wow! How romantic. I was so excited for her but she was really more fearful it was from someone she did not like. We were expecting the secret admirer to somehow come clean by the end of the day but no guy came forward. Very disappointing. Later, we discovered the secret admirer was a woman. Hmmm....On my part, I was starting to FEAR I might get a gift from a secret admirer as well. It didn't happen. That evening as I took the train home, watching other women with their bouquets of flowers really hurt me. I never felt so unloved. Which is why I really hated Valentine's Day in the past. I didn't like to feel unloved.

I did a little crafting today. In honour of love, I made a heart pincushion. Having tided my sewing area so well, it took me a long time to find everything I needed.

I had these little bits of remnants for a long time, since 2009. This fabric is quite special to me because it's a fabric I would never buy now mainly because it's too thin for bags. In my earlier days, I would buy any fabric if I liked the print. I never thought about the weight of the fabric or if it's made of cotton.

I sewed some simple embroidery. It wasn't really necessary. The fabric sells itself. The pieces of fabric were pieced together randomly in crazy quilting style.

I sneaked in a "I ♥ u".

What? You thought I was gonna use it as a pincushion? It's too pretty to stick needles in!


Barbara said...

Happy Valentine!
barbara ITALIA

Bethany said...

Years ago (and maybe still, I dunno) a big thing at the bars was these girls who would come in with baskets of single roses with some cute little thing clipped to it. They would go to the people who looked like they were dating and get the guy to buy the girl one. I received one. I said "So now I get to carry this thing around the whole night? Gee, thanks." Not a romantic comment on my part, but neither is the equivalent of saying "Here, hold this for a few hours."

Gingini said...

Love you too! :)

Chris H said...

I love how you have used the pin cushion.

Tiba said...

Lovely little keepsake and
gr8 fabric too.

Linda said... I see where your comment on my blog came from! You're so right! It's so pretty it should be where it can be enjoyed more often!

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