Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I want candy


I want to tell you about the new game EVIL that has me gripped tightly around its pretty little fist.

I play it on Facebook and guys, if you've never played this game before, it's not too late. Don't play it. It's very enjoyable addictive.

Have you played Tetris or Bejeweled before? Candy Crush Saga uses the same concept. The objective is to burst the candies. You do it by matching 3 or more same coloured candies. You get special candies if you match 4/5 candies. These special candies will do wonderful stuff for you if you match them. KABOOSH! WANG! BING! BANG! Um, I mean, gruesome stuff happens.

There are hundreds of levels in this game. It's horrible.

Oh, I play it with the sound on as long as no one objects. Since I play at home, I'm pretty safe. When you do good, a man with a deep voice will say SWEET, TASTY, DIVINE or DELICIOUS. It's hilarious. No, I mean, it's horrible, horrible.

The genius in Candy Crush Saga lies in the limited lives given to you. You get 5 lives. (you get more if you pay real money) Each time you don't clear a challenge/level, you lose a life. Once you lose all your lives, you can't play any more. You have to wait out the time needed (1/2 hour) to get each of the 5 lives back. Of course you could ask your friends to grant you a life. heehee.

When you first play the game, there is a lot of hand holding and it's pretty easy. And you clear levels after levels easily. And you think to yourself: Wah, I'm so good ah! Then it starts to get not so easy. And that's when you start getting hooked because you want to clear the level. The dem level. Sometimes you get stuck for days and days. The game has an element of luck, choice and wtf! The difficult levels are in my opinion from level 20. I am at level 38. I really should quit cold turkey because all my sewing time has been um... invested in this evil game.


Sandy said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one addicted to this game! I have been stuck on Level 35 for about 3 weeks now :(

Jackie K. said...

Hee hee - level 38 took me 2 weeks to get through!

Yes - a new addiction (as well as Bake Shop Drop) here too.

Bethany said...

Ugh! I love/hate that game! I'm glad my phone gets an error message when I try to download it or I'd get nothing done at work either.

Linda said...

I am afraid of games like this. They become time eaters! Have fun with it though and don't spend all your craft money on buying lives!

tamdoll said...

I may have to check this out. I need a game that is cute because I've been having nightmares about words in the Scramble games I keep playing.

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