Thursday, February 7, 2013

The dragon is leaving

Hello friends,

This might interest you. If you're Chinese, dig Chinese culture, has eaten Chinese food or watched a Chinese movie, you'll be happy to know the Year of the Snake is coming. Real soon. This also means the Year of the Dragon is ending.

I might as well come right out and tell you me and hubs almost got the dates for Chinese New Year wrong. It was last weekend and I asked hubs when's Chinese New Year. He said it's in 2 weeks' time. I said are you sure? He said sure. Yes, I know I could easily look at the calendar but I am a lazy person.

Then my mother called and guess what? Chinese New Year is THIS Sunday. My mother routinely calls me to remind me I have not telephoned her. This is how she usually starts the conversation:

I lie (die) you lunno(dunno).

She can't say d to save her life.

I would remind her that SHE did not call me either. hahahaha. This is our little dance. She sees it as her duty to telephone me to remind me of all the important dates for the year like Chinese New Year, major prayer days (so I'll close the windows) and her birthday.

Son drew a snake for me. I rejected the first one because it's too scary. This one smokes.

Anyhoos, since I had been sleeping (a lot) this week no thanks to fighting a dizzying migraine, I'm left with just today and tomorrow to prepare for Chinese New Year.

Here's my list if you care to read:

♥ My spring cleaning has pretty much come to an end - meaning I decided to stop cleaning.

♥ Changing of bedsheets and curtains - that's hub's job.

♥ Put out recycling on Friday. And if the recycling guy doesn't come and pick them up again, I'm throwing them into the rubbish bin. Recycling cannot be this hard.

♥ Buy 8 mandarin oranges. This is going to be the hardest task. Buy one crate of mandarin oranges? No problem. Buy 8? I'll have to brave the supermarket queue.

♥ Buy ingredients to make cookies and queen cakes. This is a last minute decision and I'll probably not be able to get all I need.

♥ Stuff red packets with money. Everyone's getting old notes this year.

♥ Buy toto. It's a $5 million dollar prize. Every year the lottery company makes the people part with their hard earned money for a stab at winning $5 million. Most end up losers.

I was born in the Year of the Dragon and there's this belief that your animal year is a special year. But I want to say this last year hasn't been great for me. So many ailments and I can honestly say I wasn't very happy. So I look forward to the Year of the Snake and hopefully it will be good. Oh, my mother was born in the Year of the Snake. And one of my sisters might be a snake too. Hopefully it be a great year for them. See you soon.


Laurie-Jane said...

A smoking snake, I think that might make him seem more scary. I am always wary of smokers they seem tougher somehow, until their lungs give up.

Happy New Year to you I certainly hope this one is a great one for you and your family. I'm a horse not sure what that means for me.

Little Blue Mouse said...

Happy New Year!

I hope you got everything on your list done in time.

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