Thursday, December 5, 2013

No Giveaway

Hey, anyone doing the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day on Dec 9? I've been doing the giveaway in the Sew Mama Sew Link-up a number of times but this round I won't be participating. I have many reasons for not participating one of which is I don't want to. But if you want to hold your own giveaway, go check out the rules and stuff here.

If you're wondering what you could get out of holding such a giveaway, let me see if I can paint the picture for you, based on my own experience. Imagine your home (blog) being used as part of the route of a marathon which is 1 week long. Over the course of the week, runners will come through your front door, have a quick look around and leave through the back door. These runners come in throngs. At first. Later you get the smaller groups. As the end of the week nears, you get dribs and drabs. Most times, these runners yell out a quick "Hi." and they're gone. (so that's one comment for you) Some hate your home at first look and leave very quickly. (no comment) A few may pause a while, look around your home and say, "Lovely home you have. I like how you decorate it." (long comment) Oddly there a few who say something totally unrelatable to you or don't answer the question you have posed for the giveaway. (these are what you call "copy and paste" commenters who don't even bother to read your blog post)  A very, very small number may like how you decorate your home so much they take note of your address so they can come back and visit.

If your home doesn't attract so many runners most days, you will get the shock of your life. You will feel like a celebrity. It's your 1 week of fame. Enjoy it.
Will these people come back later once the giveaway is over? Most won't even remember your blog name. So you have to lasso them somehow. Get them to like your facebook page, follow you via twitter, instagram or whatever else you use. It takes effort to unlike/unfollow someone. So count on that.

Now back to me. I have 12 giveaways lined up for you guys next year. Yes, in 2014. And since you guys are already my loyal readers, I'm basically doing the giveaways to reward you. To thank you for sticking around. Reading whatever crap I write. So 12 giveaways coming up - one per month. It'll be something I make!


Stephanie @ Quarter Incher said...

So funny that you mention all this. I've been debating about participating myself. I want people to read my blog because they like my work and style...not just to grab the freebie being offered. I'll admit that in beginning you're so desperate for any type publicity or exposure. But now, things have changed the longer I've been blogging. I have my "regulars" that I'm constantly seeing comments from. They're the ones who deserve the prize, not some "runner" just passing through. I always get so excited when I'm assigned to one of my "regulars" as a swap partner because, to me, they truly deserve the item I'm making.

Christel Goh said...

The way how you describe giveaways- interesting. Haha!
But I'm still looking forward to your giveaways next year ;)

Projects By Jane said...


The hundreds of comments you get at such giveaways do get the old blood pumping!

Projects By Jane said...


maybe I'll include something with tatting??? maybe.

handmadeby EvaRose said...

Thank you for the insight, it is very informative.

I was wondering if you could give me some examples of what to give away?

P.S Life is madness anyway! we have to laugh about everything and keep a sense of humor going.

Projects By Jane said...


There are rules for what to give away if you participate in the Sew Mama Sew link up. If you go for Supplies, then obviously you need to giveaway something people could use to make stuff like fabric, notions.

If you go for Handmade, it needs to be something you make. Something nice if possible.

I say, give away something people want and not something you no longer want. It has to be desirable. Imagine you are the one entering for the giveaway. What would you want to win?

DeborahGun said...

Interesting comments :-) I think it can be worth it for the few followers that you do get - but I don't have a blog so I'm not sure! I do know that I have found a lot of blogs I enjoy reading through the Sew Mama Sew giveaway day :-)

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans said...

OMG that totally sums it up!! I am a visual person and you painted such a great visual for me - cheers! Looking forward to 2014 :)

Projects By Jane said...

Readers like you make it worth the effort to host the giveaway. The reality is most don't come back. Some would like/follow you for the duration of the giveaway and make the effort to unlike/unfollow you after. You can't take it personally.

Projects By Jane said...

Amy's Crafty Shenanigans,
I wish I could quilt/embroider/applique somehow the picture I painted but I'm not that creative.

pennydog said...

I actually found you through a SMS giveaway day as it happens, just because I loved your style of writing, it was very refreshing :) I like your description of this though, it's very accurate!

Gill said...

Like Kerry I think I found you through a SMS giveaway!! I like finding new blogs on these hops - some I like enough to follow some not!

Linda said...

Hilarious! I never thought of it that way!
I'll look forward to your giveaways, but if you don't have any at all, I'll be back because your posts always brighten my day! Thank you for that!

Jane Lee said...

Yeah, you have the ability to paint what is in your heart, someone to learn from. Reading your blog for new idea, inspiration to be a true person, get to know not only what you sew, but also how you feel and what you would think.
I have two blogs, one is for products another is for my thoughts, now I see the benefit to use just one blog, we get to know you so personally! Lucky enough both blogs could be managed from the same account luckily.

I also thought 'giveaway' will help to enlarge our market, I may want to 'hold the horse' after your description.

Thanks for your heartfelt sharing.

Projects By Jane said...

Oh Gill, I never knew that's how we met. :)

Projects By Jane said...

Jane Lee,

For me, I would find it hard to have 2 kinds of blog - one for business and one for personal. I can't seem to separate the two. Maybe it's because my business is not really a business?

Queenie De Jesus said...

Aloha Jane, I enjoy reading your blog. Your always writing funny stories pertaining your family, your day, your creatons and things that you share during working hours at the mall. Keep up the great work.

Projects By Jane said...

Aloha Queenie, it's always nice to see you.

Lesley said...

I signed up to follow you through bloglovin. I think you are right. Plus I never win. I think its because I don't have a blog to brag on. I mostly entered the blogs I follow on Bloglovin.

Projects By Jane said...

Lesley, thank you for following me. I too rarely win anything.

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