Friday, December 13, 2013

You win some

This week almost became a no-sewing week partly because I was out a lot. And mainly I have no mood to sew. It's my last week to sew. Next Wednesday, I'll have to go to VivoCity to sell my wares.

This whole week my kids did not go "work" for their aunt. Their work involves "editing" their aunt's website Their aunt teaches Korean language. (yes, she's Chinese)

Here they are busy at work. Sometimes they come home with $10 each. Yes, they get to keep the money.

We went to see The Desolation of Smaug. After the BIG YAWN of An Unexpected Journey, I was prepared for another disappointment. It was a little better. How could it not be? An Unexpected Journey was horribly draggy. Still, The Desolation of Smaug has the usual "let's drag this thing out so we could have a trilogy". Basically, you have the dwarves and Bilbo on their journey. Gandalf as always, abandons them. The journey is long and filled with adventure. Where were they going? It took so long I stopped caring. Oh yes, the dragon. Only the elves saved the movie. Every time Legolas appeared, I was like, oh man. Totally worth it. There was also a unnecessary love story between a dwarf and a she-elf. You understand I've never read The Hobbit so I don't know if the movie follows the book. Guess I'll have to see the last movie to find out how it ends. Oh, we saw the HFR3D version and nowadays the cinemas expect you to bring your own 3D glasses or buy one.

This is my week of shame. Only 4 items.

And guess what? This one - has some bleeding on the white. So I can't sell it after all. &%$#@#(+?

Today I got tired of looking like Gandalf The Grey, so I went to get my hair done.

Basically, I look the same except less grey. The hairstylist was really nice to me. She gave me such a nice scalp massage too. But she was careless and burned my face with the hair dryer. I may have screamed excessively. She felt really bad so even though I wanted to scold her, I did not. At the end, I got to poke some balloons on the ceiling for a lucky draw. My prize? If I get a hair treatment next time, I'll get a free haircut. Ah....?

And I got a package from Suzee today. Woohoo!


pennydog said...

Your hairdresser sounds fun, I've never come across a balloon popping game in one before! I'm horrifically grey now, I've not dared dye mine again since the facial disfigurement experience...

Suzee said...

I cant wait to see The Hobbit!! Love those shows.. I don't read them either so we will both be surprised for the ending lol I love the new hair !I think even shorter would look cute!! So glad you got your package! hope the books are good for you.. did you like the fabric?? I remembered you liked it on one of my posts ! lol
The red striped bag is cute! And I couldn't see the bleeding??? sell it at a discount?? I like the bottoms :)

Unknown said...

Can't see the red on white bleeding. Your hair looks great! I love going to the hair salon and getting a scalp massage while they shampoo & condition. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Theodore was one of my favorite books as a child!

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