Wednesday, December 4, 2013

9 Drawstring Pouches

My invincible sewing streak is over. I am now a mere mortal. I struggled to sew these past few days. On Saturday I was presented with a day alone. My kids had gone out for piano, followed by "work" at my SIL's, followed by movie. That's many hours of alone time. I could sew.

I didn't sew. I squandered the day on many, many TV shows. Well, mostly The Blacklist. This is such a fantastic show. I'm a bit surprised I like it so much as I didn't care very much for James Spader in The Practice and Boston Legal. In The Blacklist, James Spader plays a bad guy. A complicated bad guy. And James Spader gets to show how good an actor he is. I often find myself longing to be Special Agent Elizabeth Keen so he could be my daddy! I didn't burn the whole day though. I salvaged it by making 3 drawstring pouches.

Yesterday I was once again presented with a day alone. The kids had gone out for piano, followed by "work" at my SIL's, followed by dinner out somewhere of their choice. I immediately started to squander the day away watching sitcom after sitcom. Fortunately, they aren't as riveting as The Blacklist so I had plenty of time to atone. I managed to make 6 more drawstring pouches.

So I have 9 drawstring pouches. I'm done. I have 2 more weeks to sew before my VivoCity date. Honestly, I don't want to sew anymore. Today me and the kids were at Orchard and I took the opportunity to make a quick trip to a beads shop. The owner had messaged me that she was having a 30% discount. How to resist?  Big mistake. Now my head is full of beading fantasies when I should be thinking of more bags. Grrr.


Linda said...

Beautiful bags!
I understand that power the television can have! When I'm sewing, I like to put on old movies that I've seen many times. I can watch sporadically, but since I've seen them so many times, I know what is going on.

Chris H said...

You sure can churn out those bags at a great rate of knots! Days without kids are nice.

Unknown said...

I create two different styles of drawstring bags. Your drawstring bags are well made. People at the mall will love your creations.

Projects By Jane said...

Some working women use these to hold their wallets and keys when they go for lunch when they don't want to lug their handbags around. I don't know if it's a Singapore thing.

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