Friday, November 29, 2013

Would you rather?

One time not long ago, the four of us were on our way home by train and it was maybe just 5 or 6 stops but it was a depressing kind of day and to kill time, we played the game would you rather. I think you know how this game works and it's bound to get a lot of giggles.

One of the questions asked was:
Would you rather be rich but unhappy or poor but happy.

We all chose rich and unhappy except hubs who preferred to be poor.

Anyway it lifted our mood and one of the questions I asked was:
Would you rather be hairy with a pretty face or smooth skinned with a butt ugly face?

Okay, no offence to all my hairy readers but I chose butt ugly face. I simply can't face being hairy. Yes, I know you can shave and all. Still, butt ugly face it is.

So, would you rather be hairy with a pretty face or smooth skinned with a butt ugly face?

Today I made one bag. It's very likely to be my last crossbody curvy bag. It's about time I move on to smaller items. November's almost over. Demmit!

I used sashiko thread for the blanket stitch. I prefer straight stitch (for the look) but blanket stitch is more secure. Holds the rabbit better.

Beige and white canvas polka dot for the lining. Feels good doesn't it? Just looking at the polka dots. See you.

My Xmas 2013 catalog has been updated. HERE.


Laurie-Jane said...

Hairy and pretty

Queenie De Jesus said...

Hahaha... your to funny Jane! I'd prefer to be a hairy pretty face.

Projects By Jane said...

So it's just me then!

Linda said...

Beautiful little bag! The bunny is the perfect touch!

Little Blue Mouse said...

Gorgeous bag!

Hairy and pretty for me. (and poor but happy)

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