Thursday, November 21, 2013

Houston, the blue and white polka dots fabric have landed

Believe me. I am just as frightened as you are. Looking at my blue and white polka dots bags, I realise they look exactly like the black and white polka dots bags I made last week here. If you look closely, you can tell the blue from the black. But for someone like me with shat eyes, they kinda look the same! Oh god! What have I done? I hope there are many blue and white polka dots lovers coming to VivoCity in December. It's useless worrying. So let's have a look at the "haven't we seen these before" bags.

I swear this is the last polka dot sling bag I'm making. If you like the pattern, you can get the digital pattern at my Etsy shop. Here.

Yes mam. Another crescent bag. Hate making these now. Won't. Make. Another. One. For. At. Least. A. Week. Puke, puke.

I personally like this shoulder bag a lot but for some reason, it doesn't photograph well.
Is it the photographer?

This one's an old friend. My Get Up And Go Go Sling Bag. What a stupid name I gave it. Why didn't anyone stop me? If you like the pattern, you can get the digital pattern at my Etsy shop. Here.

Now this is a bag I LOVE making. That is why I don't make so many in a year. Because I don't want to get sick of making them. My one-ring wonder.

And I thought it'd be so great for the customer to get a luxurious thrill every time she opens her bag. Big polka dots baby!

As you can see, I'm on a roll. I have a few drawstring bags all cut up ready to sew but I think I'll take a little break. I have a Law and Order SVU episode calling me. Later, internet friend.

p.s. i'm not updating my Christmas 2013 catalog this round as I have difficulties getting the images to load. i'll do it in my next post.


Bethany said...

You've been busy, girl!!!!
I, for one, will never tire of polka dots, so you can keep going with them if you like (but you probably don't like right now).

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