Saturday, November 23, 2013

Chasing the stripes

So you guys thought I was on a sewing roll eh? Bag after bag. Pouch after pouch. Snap, snap, snap. 
Some of you guys knew I was going to snap. Soon. Like now.

I've never smoked pot and never will. It's also illegal to do so in Singapore. But I'm pretty sure I was kinda high (probably from inhaling all that lint) when I made the one and only pouch yesterday. Yep, the roll is so over.

So there I was cutting and sewing and staring at the fabric and then I suddenly had this obsessive need to match every single stripe. And some of you know how hard that is.

Especially when the "buttocks" of the pouch is curvy. This pouch is working those curves.

I even lay down to make sure the stripes at the bottom matched.

I tried to get the stripes on the strap to match up too. But you know it's impossible to get them all perfect. I think I came quite close.

Ahhhh, my favourite pairing - beige with red and white stripes.


Queenie De Jesus said...

Now, that's not easy getting the stripes lined up. What a nice curvy looking purse. Great Job!

Projects By Jane said...

Thanks Queenie. It's all in the cutting. If you don't place your pattern pieces at the exact same horizontal lines, they'll never match up no matter how good your sewing skills are.

Queenie De Jesus said...

Thanks for the tip.

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