Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Cycling and Walking Day

Yesterday we went cycling. Yes, all four of us. Outdoors. Under the hot sun. Willingly. No gun to our heads.

I've never seen hubs ride a bike before and it turned out he can. I myself have not been on a bike for decades. My 2 kids had learnt to ride bikes from my SIL. We travelled by train to a station in the east and somewhere near the station we could rent bicycles. It was hub's idea to cycle from that location all the way to the east coast.

Except you can't cycle all the way to the east coast. At one point, we had to cross this overhead bridge which spanned across the highway. It was very long and scary. Hubs and son just went ahead. At one point I saw hubs turn back to give me a "you're on your own" look. So I had no choice but to cross the bridge. Going up was scarier. So I hunched my body and that helped a lot. But once I was on the highest point, walking across wasn't so bad. I haven't had a chance to see if my height phobia is back but I think I'm getting better. Of course don't expect me to go bungee jumping.

We pretty much just did one thing. Cycled all the way to the end of the path. I was last. I was always last. It was quite exhausting cycling. Every part of me hurt. Especially my buttocks. (still does) At the end of the path (and it was after cycling for a very long time), everyone turned back. Somehow I got separated from the rest and got lost. A search party of one was sent. Hubs came to my rescue.

After returning our bikes to a kiosk, we went in search of public transport. We saw a underpass and after consulting a cyclist who told us we could reach a road where we could get a taxi and it's only like 1.8km away. I don't know what we were thinking. But 1.8km sounded so doable to us we just took his advice.

On our left was the highway. On the right, it looked like an army camp. We had no other way but this little path which went on and on and on, further east. Finally, we gave up. 1.8km was ridiculously far. We decided to turn back.

Going back where we came!

But my girl was exhausted. We had to drag her along. My son is really fit. He never once complained. We kept walking and walking. Then it started raining. There was lightning and stuff but the rain never got bad.

Finally, we came to an area where we could possibly take a taxi. Hubs saw an available taxi and sprinted forward as it was quite far away. And he nearly got hit by a cyclist. The taxi didn't see us so we kept walking. Then another taxi came and this one saw us. Woo hoo! We got into the taxi and headed home. After a short while there was a thunderstorm and we were so glad not to be out in the rain.

But our taxi got caught in a massive traffic jam and it took us a very long time to reach home. In fact it took us $40 to reach home. Despite everything, I enjoyed myself. Once my buttocks stop aching, I'll make hubs take us there again. Next time we'll be smarter, I hope.

Although I was so tired, I made another bag before I went to sleep. I felt a little guilty having not made anything since Monday. I used the Anna Griffin fabric which one of my readers had suggested using as an outer fabric. I think this bag looks really nice but for some reason, it doesn't look as good in the photos. I showed it to hubs and he said WOW. And he rarely says WOW for anything I make.

My Xmas 2013 catalog has been updated. HERE.


Laurie-Jane said...

Don't you have to wear a helmet?
I think the bag is lovely.

Linda said...

Wow! What a great outing!
Your kids look great, by the way! I think its great that you did this as a family.
I can't believe you came back and made a bag, too. Love the fabric. It looks great made up in the bag.

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