Saturday, November 16, 2013

Black and White Polka Dots Scare

I had a heart stopping moment yesterday just as I was finishing up a bag. I'll tell you in a minute what that moment was and believe you me, you won't believe it.

See, I had been sewing continuously bag after bag using the same black and white polka dot fabric and all of a sudden I asked myself these questions:

Have I over invested in these black and white polka dot fabric? Did I make too many bags in black and white polka dot fabric? Is it possible no one will want to buy these black and white polka dot fabric bags?

I am so troubled by these questions because for my Christmas craft market, I did not just buy black and white polka dot fabric, I bought polka dot fabric in every darn colourway I could find. So that's the plan folks. It's gonna be a polka dot bag feast for moi.

It's a done deal already. I've paid for the fabric. I've made some of the bags. If people don't like the polka dots, I'm going to make a huge loss.

I'm not saying I won't make bags in other prints. But it's going to be 50% polka dots. Man.....

So keep your fingers crossed polka dots are still in.

Here they are in black and white splendour:

The Crossbody Curvy Bag

The Crescent Bag

The Sling Bag
Oh, if you like this bag pattern, it's available at my Etsy shop. This one's made without the patchwork option.

Everyday Shoulder Bag

So, what do you think. Will these sell? Btw, I have created a catalog for my Christmas stock for the benefit of those of you who may not be able to make it down to VivoCity or simply can't wait for 18th to 23rd December. Go here.


Corinna said...

Stunning! love the interface too! So classy...and you always could put some color on them with a broche ...and I'm very sure that they're sold like fresh sliced bread fingers crossed

Projects By Jane said...

Oh yes Corinna,
My brooches are sold separately! ♥♥♥

Unknown said...

I like polka dots! black n white is timeless and good for all seasons, A nice touch to finish an outfit of a bright red coat with dark navy denim and black leather boots.

You bag designs are awesome! For a vintage look, may I suggest a bright red lining.

Projects By Jane said...

Thank you EvaRose. I'm not a fan of bright red not because of the colour but such colours tend to bleed. I get nightmares just thinking about the bleeding. I have 2 yards of a bright red I can never use because no matter how much colour run, salt, vinegar I use, the fabric keeps bleeding. Oh, here in Singapore, we just have one season - hot with chances of rain. But it is good to know if my bags will go with all the seasons.

Chris H said...

They are all lovely and I too hope polka dots are in. You are a machine when it comes to turning out bags!

LT said...

Actually, the pattern on the cloth that you used for the interior of the polka dot bags is very lovely. Did you think to invert the material - that is to use the polka dot as the lining for the interior of the bag instead?

Projects By Jane said...

LT, the polka dots fabric is twill and it's a tougher fabric and also more expensive. So putting it on the outside makes more sense. But you're right. The lining is also a nice fabric, I think it's a Anna Griffin fabric. It'll work on the outside as well but I wouldn't use the polka dots twill on the inside.

Unknown said...

Where can I find a pattern for your crescent bag?

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Amanda, The pattern for my crescent bag isn't available for sale yet.

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