Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Must Make More Bags Fast

It is becoming clearer and clearer to me that I am not making my stock for Christmas fast enough. It's almost December and the amount of stock I have is, if I manage to sell them all, just enough to pay for the rent and costs. To make any real money, I've got to put this Jane machine to work. And I am the first to admit I'm not working even half the speed I'm capable of. Some of you are probably rolling your eyes thinking I'm already working like a maniac. Well, that's cause you make like what? 10, 20 bags a year. For me, I have to make at least 50 for ONE weekend market. And my Christmas market is 6 days long. I'm not complaining, really. Just trying to see where I am right now and I'm pretty scared I have so much work to do.

Well, anyway I had the fantasy I could make a total of 10 crescent bags. I couldn't. Who was I kidding?  I only made 2 more. You know what? I got so sick of the black and white fabric I had been using I went for some colours.

You know I really like bright cheerful colours, don't you? I couldn't resist a rabbit clutch. Yes, yes. It screamed for a rose polka dot. My girl said this clutch is very Chinese New Year. Speaking of which, Chinese New Year next year comes really early. It falls on 31st Jan and 1st Feb. It'll be the year of the Horse. And I am married to one. A horse. I mean, a man-horse. Oh, you know what I mean.

I've updated my Christmas catalog. Check it out HERE.


pennydog said...

Wow so much work, I'd be feeling ill with the pressure at this point! Good luck!

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