Friday, November 8, 2013

Guess what I am celebrating?

Hello internet friends,

Life is full of ups and downs, am I right? We have our good days and our bad days. For me, today is a very good day and I'll tell you why in a minute. But first, I want to talk about is how we cope when we have our bad days.

Some people drink and I'm not saying you shouldn't. (you shouldn't) Some people take drugs and I'm saying you shouldn't. (you really shouldn't) Some people rant on facebook. (um...) Well, what I'm saying is there are many ways in which people cope with difficult situations and I want to tell you that there is one way, and it's a good one, which has helped me time and time again.

The past few months have been rough for me. I had to deal with a situation in my real life which I wasn't equipped for. I'm not going to deny that I didn't cope with it badly at first. I over thought, over worried, over obsessed and many times I just kept dwelling on the negatives. Whoever came up with the saying "there is nothing to fear but fear itself" sure knew what he was talking about! Oh, how I feared. I no longer knew what to think, how to think. I lost my confidence and I mostly felt sad a lot. Then one day I was sitting in a coffee shop with a cup of tea (2 teaspoons of sugar, no milk) and I had a big giant cry. I wasn't even prepared to cry so I had no tissue on me. But it was a really gut wrenching cry and good thing it was anonymous because no one I knew was at the coffee shop so I need not assure anyone I was alright. Anyway, on reflection, I thought it was a good, necessary cry because after blowing my snot all over my sleeves, I went home and asked myself, what next?

Which turned out to be a very good question to ask because I decided what next would be to make my bags because I was done crying. I started out making something I had made many times before - I think it was a sling bag. You know, something familiar and not too much thinking required? After I had made the sling bag, I made a clutch. After I had made the clutch, I made a zipper sling bag. I put my energy and soul in my bag making and suddenly I realised I didn't feel so sad anymore. I had energy and I stopped fearing so much. (yes, I still fear a little but not overwhelmingly so)

I'm not saying making bags will make your problems disappear. My problems remained but I changed. I became calmer, less hysterical, softer even and mostly, I could think clearly. And when I could think clearly, I was able to handle my problems better. I guess it did me good when I channeled all my focus into something that required a lot of detailed attention. There's something so magical when you create, especially with your hands. From pieces of fabric, you make a bag. Of course the same magic could happen if you do other creative stuff like quilting, beading (my next favourite), painting, drawing, bookbinding, etc. So listen, give it a try. The next time you feel the blues, create something. Don't know what to create? You could always make a bag using my bag patterns. <cough cough>

And here comes the sales pitch.

Oh, I was going to share some good news with you. I just discovered I have hit 500 sales at my Etsy shop. It has really taken me such a long time to hit this figure that I am so delirious with happiness. So much so that in my delirium, I created a coupon ILOVEJANE50 (all caps) for a 50% discount in my Etsy shop. (coupon expires on November 13th 2013 - it's Etsy time so I don't know which timezone that is) I have a total of 9 patterns to my name now so it shouldn't be hard to find something to suit you. My patterns are mostly for beginners and what great timing with Christmas round the corner. Use this coupon while you can because I know I'm never going to be this generous again. Okay, maybe when I hit 1,000 sales but that's going to take a few more years.

p.s. just so you know I didn't come up with the sob story to get you guys to buy my patterns. it's straight from the heart and making bags has saved me many times. i hope it changes yours.


Nueyer said...

Woohoo!! Congrats on the 500 sales!!!

Btw, hope you are feeling better now. I too turn to sewing when I'm really really down... there's something about concentrating on measuring and cutting and planning that temporarily forces bad stuff to the back of the mind.

Projects By Jane said...

Thanks Nueyer. I also sew when I'm happy, just so you know.

pennydog said...

I had a bad time at work recently and I didn't sew because I was scared to be alone with my own thoughts, but it's great that it works for you. Glad you're feeling happier and hope whatever it was has passed for good.

Jane said...

sorry to hear of your rough patch but it's so great how you found your groove again doing the things you love. i've been dropping by here and there to see your creations and they are really great! congratulations on your 500th sale and what a lovely way to celebrate with everyone!

Anonymous said...

Jane, congratulations on your 500th sale! You have such a wonderful outlook. I too find sewing cathartic. I didn't sew for many years, then I found myself at one of life's crossroads. I had lost my job and for 20+ years. I had defined myself by that job. I felt worthless and lost. My mom (because they always know best) bought me a used sewing machine. I started to sew again. It was fun, it was frustrating and it retaught me lessons I had somehow forgotten in my quest to conquer the corporate world. 1: there are very few mistakes that can't be undone by the seam ripper! 2: if it can't be undone , step back, reevaluate, adapt and move on. Maybe that purse, or blouse or whatever I envisioned was really meant to be something completely different and awesome!
Glad you are back. - Christine from Kansas

Projects By Jane said...

Christine from Kansas,

You are so right. There's nothing like a seam ripper to undo our mistakes. If only we have such a device in our non-sewing life. Imagine being able to time travel back and unpick....

Linda said...

Congratulations on your 500th sale on Etsy! I'm not surprised! Your bags are just beautiful!
I hope you are past your rough patch very soon. I understand how circumstances can knock you off your feet and leave you feeling depressed. I also turn to doing something familiar and enjoyable to pull myself up out of the doldrums! When even that is hard to do, crying is always a good back up plan!
My thoughts are with you, Jane! I hope things are better very soon!

Carol & Eddy said...

Congrats on the 500! Hope everything will sort itself out real soon.

LT said...

All things will come to pass.


Just hang in there.

P/S: I was at Vivo, and didn't see you on market day!

Projects By Jane said...

Hello LT,

Thank you and I will only be at Vivo from 18th to 23rd December.

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