Saturday, November 2, 2013

Easy Bow Tie Clutch Pattern

Hello friends,

Did you miss me? Did anyone file a missing blogger report with the Internet Police? I'm happy to tell you I'm still in one piece and I haven't abandoned you guys.

Look what I've been up to!

I've been really busy working on my bag pattern. As some of you may know, I switched to a new software - make that 2 new software to produce my bag patterns. They were really hard to learn! At first I borrowed books from the library to help me out. Later the tutes on youtube turned out to be more useful. Still, it took me a really, really long time. Finally I managed to gain enough "know-how" to write and draw the patterns. The learning curve was really steep. Honestly I don't want to do that again. It was like learning a foreign language such as Chinese. <snigger> I think I'm too old to pick up new software. This old brain ain't what it used to be. I can't express how happy I am that I finally completed the dem pattern. Now that I have a "master template", my next pattern won't be so hard to produce. I finished the pattern in September but I fiddled and fiddled and finally I stopped fiddling and handed it over to my tester in October. Today I'm so happy I can finally publish it and hopefully make some money. woohoooo!

Without further ado, ta da! I give you my Easy Bow Tie Clutch/Wristlet pattern.
USD $8
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I started making these clutches for sale at my craft markets two years ago. I think my customers really like them because I always manage to sell them all. The bow tie is something my girl likes. She's very into British TV (think Dr Who). So naturally, she thinks bow ties are cool. I married the bow tie to the clutch. And that's how this pattern came about.

I wanted this bag pattern to be versatile - like you could make it "plain" without the bow tie. This would be really good for beginners who have less confidence and they could focus on just learning to make the clutch without worrying about the embellishments.

Like what I did here using polka dots fabric. I went a little overboard - I had small dots and big dots. You know what? I used to be terrified of the big dots. No more. Another triumph!

This pattern looks great on prints as well. 

This clutch was made with my leftover orange bird Ikea fabric. I'm so in love with this fabric. Why is it the fabric I love most get discontinued?

This one's a simple black canvas with lovely floral prints.

You could use a different print for the flap and body if you're good at colour matching. (it's a skill, my friend) I'm honestly not very good at matching but I think this combo is great!

And of course you'll love the bow tie option. 

My dear friend, Suzee of AppleHead Threads tested for me and she's always been so supportive.

This is what she made!

The Easy Bow Tie Clutch Pattern is priced at $8 USD (lucky number) and available for sale as instant download in my Etsy stop. HERE.

If you don't have an Etsy account, you could purchase the pattern directly from me here by clicking on "Buy Now" below. You get the pattern instantly and you can pay via PAYPAL or credit cards. Do take a minute to read my FAQ before you purchase.

$8 USD
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I will add this pattern to my other pattern shops later on. As for the clutches I have made, I'll sell most of them at my VivoCity craft market in December. I will list a few of them for sale online so come back for my next post.



Suzee said...

I love all your patterns ! They are so well written and have lots of clear photos ! This size is perfect too! I went with the stripe bow tie and hoped it looks OK .the main fabric I used is a soft denim !

Anonymous said...

So glad to have you back, I've missed you! I love to hear about your bag-making and about life in Singapore.
Maureen in the UK

Queenie De Jesus said...

HI Jane, Welcome back! Yes, I did miss you. I had a feeling you were busy creating for your store at the mall. Love the new polka dot clutch bags, very well made. I've noticed you've changed your blog a bit.

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Maureen in the UK,

It's great to be back! It's thunderstorm season in Singapore. In between the storms, I'll take pics of my makes and hopefully get to post them.

Jane in the Singapore

Projects By Jane said...

Hello Queenie

The only change I made to my blog was to move the PAGES bar from the side to the top. I know hubs will have something to say about that! Until he MAKES me move the bar back to the side, it's staying on top. I know it looks untidy but...

Christel Goh said...

Hi Jane! Been a really long time since we saw you (virtually). Thought you went offline to help your son out with his exams. Glad to see you back ^^

Projects By Jane said...

Hi Christel,
Have you seen the O levels syllabus? It's beyond my ability. I did help once with literature - The Chrysalids.

Christel Goh said...

Hi Jane (again), well, I just took my O's last year. Could be pretty unpredictable though. :\

Aunty Stitches said...

Yes I did miss you, but I held back on sending out the search parties in case you didn't want to be disturbed! Seems I was right - but I'm glad you are back! Well done with mastering the software, rather you than me.

Little Blue Mouse said...

Hi Jane, yes I missed you! I would have been missing a lot longer if I had to figure out software...

Linda said...

Another great pattern! What a wonderful little clutch! The bow tie is perfect for it!

Chris H said...

Gorgeous! so cute. Well done Chick on making so many.

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